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Jan 23, 2015

George Barnhill -- Artist Extraordinaire

I'm not really a very good artist. There are lots of things I can do passably well, but drawing, metalwork, and sculpting do not fit into that category.

But we have a cousin who does amazing work! His resume includes:

"I worked on The Giver, a Jared Hess (Nacho Libre director) that is in Sundance right now, a TV series Galyntine which wasnt picked up by AMC, a few commercials, and then a few little church clips, etc."
But he is having a bit of a dry spell and with 9 children, including a missionary and a new baby, he could surely use some leads. His email address is gbgold7@gmail.com

Tell him I sent you. Maybe he can cut you a deal. Check out this sampling of his work.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

George's resume is impressive. I wish I need someone that was in his area of work. I can appreciate all of his pieces. He is very talented.
I will wish for blessings for him.


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