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Jan 21, 2015

Chase Around Day

Today was one of those chase around days when it seems like I'm going 90 miles an hour and not accomplishing much that is important.

I did get to the grocery store and I gassed up the van. I went to Curves and I played a little basketball. We went to the library, sold more cookies, took kids to dance, and took advantage of 50-cent corn dogs at Sonic.

This is the last week of off-track for the elementary-aged kids so we have been working on their Soaring Leader awards and homework. I'm not anxious for them to go back to school next week.

Princess has her Sterling Scholar portfolio due on Friday and there are so many things to be uploaded. It's been fun looking through all the old blog posts, but I swear we posted pics when they were made FCCLA officers but I can't find them anywhere.

I have to confess my photo-saving techniques leave a lot to be desired. When I only had hundreds of pics I could remember where things were, but now that there are thousands, it's getting much harder.

Do you have a great method for saving things? I'm open to suggestions, because this isn't working...


Marci said...

All our photos are digital, so on our computer in a photo folder we have a folder for each year. Within each year we have a separate folder for each month. If in a month we have a significant event we'll make it its own folder. We try to upload our photos every month so things can go straight into the right folder without much sorting, then as we watch a movie or something sometimes I'll go through and get rid of all the blurry/duplicate photos and make additional folders if I need to! Sounds complicated, but once you set it up its super nice!

Shell said...

I need to figure out a better solution for my pics, too.

I can't believe I missed 50 cent corndog day!


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