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Sep 21, 2013

The Luau

Our church is organized a couple of different ways. Several blocks of our neighborhood form our ward, then 9 more wards make up what is called a stake. Wards here in Utah have about 300 - 400 people in them. You can do the math...a stake would have about 2700 or so people. OK, enough of the tutorial.

Our stake had a huge party tonight. It was scheduled for 6:00 in the bowery which is a little pavilion behind our church. We also have a large field big enough for softball and other outdoor sports. We have had stake parties before, but never one like this! There were booths with games, hundreds of chairs and tables set up, a photo booth, food, and entertainment. They had a tug of war and a bounce house. Baby Doll was so excited!

They had about 1100 people show up! There were so many that they ran out of food. We mostly got some, but by the time the Dog Walker got back with Sport from football practice, most of the food was gone. They had hula dancing and an old-fashioned cake walk. The bowery was completely transformed from a concrete pavilion to a sound stage with palm trees and tiki torches. 

As it started to get dark they turned on little sparkle lights that filled the fences and set the mood for the Polynesian dancers. They did an awesome job! They got some of the bishops and the stake president up on stage and got them to dance with them. It was pretty funny. They were good sports even though they were clearly embarrassed.

Other than the fact that it was a little cold and we did not think to bring jackets (that's the second time I have done that this week!), but shortly after the program ended it didn't matter, we were all hauling chairs and tables and working up a sweat. My kids love to help with the cleanup and they were so proud when our family and one other guy totally turned the set of bleachers around!

Sorry for the bad pics. They are from the Dog Walker's cell phone. We didn't think to bring the camera.


Marci said...

Oh my! What a fun stake activity!! Bummer about the food, but those are some exciting activities y'all got to do! Our stake doesn't do much, except a big Pioneer Day celebration.

Anonymous said...

Next event time they should plan for plenty of families and have the food accordingly..Even though the temps start out nice, it is fall tomorrow and always keep jackets, sweatshirts and extra clothes in your van, car, etc. just to make sure your familia keeps warm and toasty..

LeAnn said...

What a fun Stake event; I loved this one. We have one every year but not quite this elaborate.

Denise said...

Awesomely fun.


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