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Sep 12, 2013

News from Teach

She eats cereal every morning.
Teach had some awesomely cool news for us when they witnessed their 2nd baptism.

SOPHIE GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(: It was pretty fun. It was interesting afterwards because. I was talking to Sister Lewis about her first baptism as a missionary and we decided on something. I imagined as a missionary that baptisms would be this HUGE big deal that I got MY baptism... but it's not really like that. It's beautiful and spiritual and amazing to watch someone enter into that covenant with God - but the day of the baptism it's more of a calm hand off from missionaries to the ward. and it's not MY baptism... it's Sophie's baptism.. and the Lord's baptism. It's a very humbling experience to realize that we are nothing in the process, but they Lord trusts us and loves us enough to give little ol' Sister Teach an opportunity to be edified by Sophie. (:It's pretty spectacular.

Sophie and the sisters
I was happy to see that Teach still has a bit of spitfire in her! Check out this little rant.

So I got to go on an exchange to a different area on Saturday night. (I have been on 3 already as a STL and they are always VERY informative and it makes me realize how much I love Sister Lewis).
So. the point of the story. These sisters have Elders in their ward too, which ferry them around kinda like we drive Elder Lilo and Hopper everywhere... THEIR ELDERS ARE BUTTHEADS. 
I'm sorry. That was really mean. But they were just NOT very nice and just not very ... Spiritual. It was a really hard experience for me because one of those elders is going home at the end of the transfer and he's going to have that shiny RM badge as he goes to BYU... and girls will just trust that he's a good person.. That sounds harsh. but I just hate that sometimes as Mormons go for labels and not the heart. 
It sounds like transfers are coming up next week and she is anticipating that she will be moved to a new area. Her mission goes all the way down the state to Waco so she could be anywhere in that area. It will be fun to see what happens. She has been in the same place for 6 months now, so it's probably time for her to move.

Missionaries can still be silly.
I love my companion and I love my ward and I love my investigators, and I just am  really sad that I will probably be leaving it all behind. That's all. But yesterday while I was praying I was so grateful for this transfer. It has been the best transfer so far in my mission and I feel that it was a tender mercy from the Lord. Hard things are coming. Good things I'm sure too... but very intense learning experiences. I told Heavenly Father that I would go where he wants me and I would do all that I can to be the best missionary i can be... as long as his Spirit is always there. Which it will be. (: I trust the Lord so much, Mom. In all ways he is my constant support and I know that it will all be ok and I truly trust and rely on him. I just love the scriptures so much. That's all. (: I read the story of the Brother of Jared today... that's a classy one.

She has always been a grateful, kind person, but I love hearing it from her every week. Being a parent is so hard, these are the paydays when we know that our sacrifices are appreciated.

I want you to know that I love you and I'm so grateful that you and Dad are faithful members of the church. That you are literally God's covenant children, and I'm glad that you led the example of where I needed to go in life. Thank you Mom. and thanks Dad. I love you both so much.  

I will just leave you with one last thought.

I love knowing that we always have the opportunity to repent and become better. I sometimes don't forgive myself very easily but I have to remind myself that even though God created all the cosmos, universe and even down to the littlest mustard seed... he also created me. And we are more precious to him than all of that. How important that we share this with all those that we see. 

I agree 100%, Teach!


Denise said...

Awesome, praise God.

LeAnn said...

There is nothing better than getting that letter from your missionary. This was an awesome post. I also love when they discover how much you have loved them, prayed for them and supported them.
Blessings to all and I am sure you have had a tear of two when you receive these precious words.

Anonymous said...

I almost missed her letter to you..What an awesome daughter you have strong in her faith and values, she attributes it to her Mother and Father, you have many children they all seem the same, Loving of the Lord, strong in their faith, obedient to their parents and happy as clams..If only other parents could learn by both of your examples, how wonderful our world would be, loving faith, loving family and really strong when teaching of your faith..You are so proud of her and what you have both accomplished, congratulations, her missionary service will be over in a wink of an eye, but NEVER her love of HER faith and god will surely reward her with a faithfulness and happy long and joyful life...She is a wonderful wonderful daughter and a shining example to her siblings too!KUDOS..have a wonderful weekend.ciaoX()


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