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Sep 20, 2013

Dog Sitting

Last night was rather stressful. The Dog Walker was taking a quiz for his Disabilities class. He had worked on it all day since it was an essay test, and I was so careful to make sure no one closed the window on my computer since this one was a one-time attempt.

He finally finished about 1:30 AM and I helped him move each question from Word to the proper box. When we hit submit, we were redirected to a new window. System not available...Comcast had crashed and hard!

The Dog Walker was in meltdown. We checked every cord and the modem. I finally woke my sweetie and he turned on the TV. When it was also down we knew that we would just have to wait it out. So I did what any sane person would do...I went to bed.

Of course Comcast took care of the problem sometime during the night and the computers were up and running this morning. I quickly logged into his school account and impatiently waited for the assignments to come up in Canvas. When I clicked on the quiz, all the boxes for each question were empty, but they were there. I was so grateful! And even more grateful that he thought to do the whole thing in Word rather than just type it in each of the little squares.

So it has been submitted now and I wanted to let you know why you didn't hear from me last night. You all remember that the Gym Rat lived with us for about 6 months until he moved out again in April? Well, Baby Doll and his little dog, Franco, were very good friends and even though he comes by and brings Franco most Sundays, Baby Doll still misses him.

On Monday Gym Rat asked me if we could do a little dog-sitting this week while his roommate was out of town. Baby Doll was so excited! With Curly in kindergarten she has not had a playmate in the afternoons. Yesterday was our last day to have Franco with us and while I was stitching the binding on Fajita's quilt I was watching the two of them out the window. They were playing together in the sandpile. I wish I would have taken the time to run for the camera!

But the Dog Walker was more on the ball than me. He got this one of them playing together a couple of hours later. I'm so glad she has a friend! We might have to borrow Franco a little more often.


Denise said...


Marci said...

Franco is the perfect size for Baby Doll! And I'm so glad that things worked out with Dog walkers schoolwork! Technology is great except for when it doesn't work properly, then it can ruin everything!

LeAnn said...

I can imagine the panic when computers have a glitch. I love the adorable picture of you sweet little one and the dog.


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