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Jan 4, 2013

Winner, Winner!

I am not your average winner. Let me rephrase that. I hardly ever win random drawings. Like on Wednesday night, Teach and I went to Tupperware training. They sell raffle tickets there and I usually buy a set and give half of them to Teach. That gives us 15 tickets each to go in about 5 or 6 drawings. She labels them all, wrinkles them slightly (because she claims that helps) and puts them in the little cups.

Invariably her name will be pulled out for at least one prize. Me? Hardly ever! I don't really understand this phenomenon, but I've learned to live with it. On Wednesday it was cold and snowy and only four of us showed up for training. I was excited because that greatly increased my odds of winning something.

Six cups, six prizes. Teach put in our tickets and yes, I saw them, half had my name and half had hers. Jessaca won the first prize and then Teach won the second one. Then Jessaca won another and so did Teach. Debbie's name was pulled next. One prize left...who did it go to? Teach!

I think our manager had a little pity on me after that because she poured all the tickets into a bowl and pulled out for one more prize... and it was actually me! I won these two cute pieces of Tupperware.

So imagine my surprise today when the first email in my inbox said, "You might want to go by my blog this morning ;)." Of course I clicked on the link immediately. http://www.emmymom2.com

Did you see it? Did you see my name?

I won all the prizes on the year-end review!!!

I'm still in total shock. I hardly ever win random drawings.


Sarah said...

Congratulations!! That's awesome!!

Marci said...

I love winning things! Way to go, Sandy!


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