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Jan 16, 2013

Drum Roll, Please...

So the mail finally arrived around 1:00. Teach ran to the mailbox in her stockinged feet and returned with a big smile on her face and a large white envelope. Yep, her call was here! Was she going to open it?


She pretty much drove me nuts all day long. Her best friend didn't get off work until 9:00 tonight so the opening time was set for 9:30. After looking at that envelope staring at me from the knic-knac shelf all day, I finally left the house. The tension was unbearable.

We sold a few cookies, I went to Curves, and then I attended Standards night with the girls. We got home around 8:30, just in time to grab dinner and clean up before Teach's friends came over.

At 9:35, in front of about 30 people, she finally ripped open the envelope.

Her assignment is the Texas Fort Worth Mission and she will be leaving us for 18 months on March 20.

Marci, you must have done some pretty good praying...


Marci said...

Wow! That's only a couple hours away! We may be heading that direction for Chris to attend a conference mid-April. I'm not sure how long Teach will be at the MTC, but I would so try to hunt her down if she's in Ft Worth by then! Still have to ask my OB if its cool with her if I go then, I will be something like 35-36 weeks at that point.

Congratulations to Teach! I'm so happy that her call finally came, and that now you have a few questions answered-like where and when she's going! I hope she's ready for a nice Texas summer! It's gonna be HOT! (At least I'm assuming Ft Worth is as hot/lovely as my San Antonio is!!)

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

Congrats!! We just had a friend return from that mission in September. He LOVED it! :)

LeAnn said...

Congratulations to Teach! Opening the mission call is so awesome. My daughter lived in Fort Worth, Texas for a while and the family loved it. I am sure she will enjoy her time serving there.
It brought back memories of opening up of the mission calls for four of my children.
My oldest son's mission call came during the day and I stopped home to check to see if it had come. It had so I took it with me for the day because I was afraid he and his brother would decide to open it first. He was a little upset that I had it.
Loved this one and blessings to you all!

Anonymous said...

Ft. Worth is a lovely lovely warm town, meat capitol with loving people and outstanding weather, food and locales.Many will be happy to hear of her teachings of your church many! How joyous she has the call in the southwest town of Ft. Worth Texas..many will become followers and believers of your church because of your sweet daughters faith and call to speak and teach of it. I hope your daughter will enjoy the enviorns and not miss her momma and daddy & family too much! God will bless her life a lot. ciao & blessings to you and yours!!!!!!!!!!!


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