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Jan 20, 2013

Another Dance, Another Answer

There's another dance coming up at the high school. Princess is really loving this dating game and this one is a girls' choice. So last Sunday she issued an invitation to one of the boys in our neighborhood. But you know how these games are played...she couldn't just pick up the phone and call him.

Instead we got a bag of uncooked popcorn kernels and wrote her name on a tiny slip of paper. Then we forced the paper through a tiny hole in the bag and wrote a cute saying on the outside. After we made the delivery (doorbell-ditched it), we slowly drove back past his house to make sure the package had been received.

We've waited all week for an answer and tonight it finally came! It was a cute little saying delivered with a box of Hot Tamales. The problem was that the box had been opened and a Ziploc bag full of candies was inside. They all looked red, but the saying led us to believe that some were hot and some were not and if there were more hot ones than not, the answer was "yes."

This was a true dilemma for Princess. She does not like hot cinnamon candies! So being the awesome mom that I am, I volunteered to taste each and every one for her. After the first few, my tongue was on fire. These were the "fired up" Tamales and they were smoking!

I have to confess that the entire process was pretty disgusting. I couldn't have possibly eaten all of the candy, so I put them in my mouth, determined the flavor and then spit them into a bowl, blue for cool and pink for hot. I know, it was pretty wasteful, but it was a big bag!

After a while Princess tentatively joined me but she was much quicker to spit than me. About halfway through the box I noticed that the coating on the sweet ones was a little thinner than the coating on the hot ones. That made things much easier. I even managed to preserve a few so my sweetie could eat them. (Not the hot ones, he feels about them the same way Princess does).

When we were finally finished sorting, the hot bowl appeared to be about twice as full as the other one, so I guess the answer is "YES!" Princess heaved a sigh of relief. Now the fun begins...


Marci said...

That sounds awful, having to eat all of those! But how fun for another dance! Your school sure seems to have a bunch of them. We only had 3 dances each year, Homecoming, Preference, and Prom... but to go to prom you had to be a senior, or get asked by a senior to attend.

Natalie Ockey said...

I like that idea even though I can't stand Hot Tamales either. I always love to see the creative ways to ask and answer to dances!


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