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Jan 9, 2013

A New Game

After basketball practice tonight, Princess reminded me that she needed an erasable pen. It was 10:38, so Teach, Princess, and I ran to Smith's Marketplace. Teach had something else in mind that she wanted to buy. It was a new game called Bananagrams that she had played over with weekend with some friends. We got home shortly after 11:00 and Teach convinced me that instead of writing a post for all of you, first I had to play.

I like board games, but I hate figuring out instructions and if they get too complicated, count me out. So I grumbled a bit, but eventually I was a good sport and I sat down with her, the Dog Walker, Baby Doll, and Prima Donna (I know, they should have been sleeping...).

As it turned out, the game was fun and relatively easy (at least the rules were easy). It's sort of like Scrabble except that everybody plays at the same time. I don't know why it's called Bananagrams except that all the tiles are kept in this little yellow zippered pouch that looks like a banana.

Teach dumped all the tiles into the middle of the table and started turning them face down so we couldn't see the letters. Baby Doll was tipping them back almost as quickly. Finally she gave her a few of her own to play with and we were able to complete the setup. Yeah, that's it. Put all the tiles in a pile face down. So far, so good, not too complicated.

Then we each chose 30 random tiles without knowing what they were. On her mark, we all turned our tiles as quickly as possible and then tried to make them into a small crossword puzzle. The first person to legitimately use all their tiles wins. That's it!

It would seem relatively easy except that we were playing with the Dog Walker. The first word he objected to was on my side... "sexy.:" Well, what else was I supposed to do with that X? During the next round I used the word "poop." Apparently that was a problem too.

So when the word "sin" showed up on his tiles, of course I had to give him a bad time. Poor guy, he was so confused! After 4 or 5 rounds I slipped out to write my post.

He and Teach are still playing... she just asked me how to spell "feces." I called back, "I'm sure that word is NOT gonna fly." She laughed. "No, it's OK," she answered. "He doesn't know what it means."


LeAnn said...

I am smiling..........How fun are you all? The game looks like a fun one; however I am not good at Cross word puzzles. I always think I am getting dementia. I should challenge myself and get a game like this.
You are such an amazing mother.

Natalie Ockey said...

Umm . . . CHALLENGE: Quag? I don't think you can abbreviate "quagmire" so easily!

We love Bananagrams, too. There are 2 other companion games, but this one is the best. The others are: Appletters and Pairs in Pears.


crzy4myfam said...

I've been wondering about Bananagrams. I've picked the game up probably a dozen times and put it back down without buying it. Thanks for explaining the game. I will pick it up for my family's next family night. Love the "problem" with the words!!! Too funny! Blessings ~ Becca

Mom of 12 said...

Yeah, QUAG was Kiyna. She was trying to get UNDIES in there just to bug Nate. It worked.

Mom of 12 said...

From the Urban Dictionary... "A quag is any type of waterpipe or bong that has been (either by design or the user) modified to make proper use of a meth pipe so as to filter the smoke through the water. Typical quags are exactly as stated above, usually using a glass bowl that is basically a normal meth pipe with a 90ยบ elbow about 3/4 of the way towards the bowl. Quags are often used in more "meth friendly" circles or where it is unlikely to be found by an unwanted person due to its unmistakable bowl that basically screams "TWEEKER". Not very portable, or inconspicuous, it will get you really high."

So, not a nice word, but still a word.


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