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Jan 8, 2013

Nail Polish

I have a love/hate relationship with nail polish. Like any girl, I want to look nice, but nail polish is just so impractical. If I paint my fingernails (scratch that, if one of the girls paints my fingernails), in less than 24 hours they look like crap! It's all the dishes to wash and clothes to wash and stuff to clean... all of them require water and that destroys polish.
So 98% of the time I do NOT wear fingernail polish. And 98% of the time I DO wear toenail polish. These are my current cute toes. Princess did them for me right after Christmas. They usually last for several months until the holiday changes and then they will redo them for me. Prima Donna will undoubtedly make them pink for Valentine's Day.
And I'm good with that. I've never been able to afford a professional pedicure, but I doubt they could do a much better job than my girls. I train them young. In fact, Baby Doll LOVES having her nails painted! When she notices that the paint is coming off, she pesters her sisters until one of them rectifies the situation.
Tonight it was Teach. Baby Doll showed up carrying a couple of bottles of her favorite color, pink. She flashed those big brown eyes and who could resist?

A few minutes later and she had a fresh coat of polish and a big smile.

Guess whose turn it is next???


Marci said...

I totally am with you- my toenails are always painted but my fingernails... right now they do have a clear nail hardener thing on them, but I don't remember the last time they had color. Baby Doll sure does have cute little nails though :) I'm excited for my little girl to get here and be old enough for me to paint her nails!

Natalie Ockey said...

I never paint my fingernails either and sometimes I paint my toes or get a pedicure for my birthday or Mother's Day. I'm not girlie enough for that! Good thing I only have boys.

Bossy said...

Excuse me, but I provided that fabulous New Year's Eve pedi....

Mom of 12 said...

Sorry, Bossy, you are absolutely correct! It's just been so long since you did one for me (I'm thinking since before you were married...) that I totally forgot. You did do an awesome job!


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