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Jan 26, 2013

My Awesome Birthday

I had the most awesome birthday today. We spent the morning at the Jordan River Temple with Teach. It was her first time going to the temple and it was so amazing!

Then my sweetie took the three of us to lunch at Johnny Carino's. I love their bread. Then we hurried back home so that I could finish the prep for my girl scout meeting. Yes, I purposely scheduled a meeting on my birthday. I had planned to finish up the cookie badge, but we did it all at our last meeting so suddenly I had a hole in my calendar.

A couple of days ago, I was blinded by an idea that kind of blossomed and bloomed as we went along. I threw myself a birthday party for my scouts. We made Mormon Miracle Pageant brownies and I gave them little gift bags. I just told them about myself and my life. I pulled out scrapbooks and yearbooks and baby books. I don't think they really knew much about me, not even my own daughters. It was pretty low-key and nice to not be rushing through to complete another badge.

 Then Teach and I went to Curves while my sweetie made dinner. It was delicious! Prime Rib with homemade rolls and all the fixings. They even set the table with the china we usually only pull out for Thanksgiving. The best part was the fact that all my kids were here to celebrate with us. We took some pictures for you. My favorite carrot cake and some Bananagrams rounded out the party. Thank you for all of your kind birthday wishes. It's been a terrific year and I have made so many new blog friends. I can hardly wait to see what 2013 will bring.


Marci said...

That sounds like you had the most wonderful day! We went to the temple last night and there was a young man going through for his first time, getting ready to go on his mission-it totally made me think of Teach and her mission call!

Saimi said...

Wow, Happy Birthday!!! I can't think of a better way to celebrate than being in the Temple with my children!

Congrats to Teach!


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