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Jun 30, 2011

Did I Ever Tell You?

Curly before he was curly
Every time I sit down at the computer, I think of a couple of things I should have said here or there in a blog, but forgot. So I want to tie up some of those loose ends today. First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned anywhere that Sport is the one who drew our picture that has now become Twelve Makes A Dozen. You might have guessed that already if you noticed all the cars that follow the people around. Sport is the ultimate car king. If you missed that story you can read about it here.

Me and my sweetie
The second thing I wanted to mention is that you have probably noticed that we have way more family pics on our blog now than we did in the beginning. That is because my sweetie was very nervous about sharing our family and all its craziness with you. He insisted on aliases and he wanted us to stay incognito. Then came the opportunity to have the interview with the Salt Lake Tribune…well, we couldn’t say “no” to that! Then to show his support and how much he loves me (cause he’s cool like that) he gave me a new camera and the permission to put whatever pictures I want on the blog as a special gift for Mothers’ Day. So that’s why you are seeing more of us.

Teach and the Dog Walker (pretending to be Harry Potter)
Teach also bought herself a $750.00 digital SLR camera (since she has managed to put herself through the university with her scholarships and not one cent of debt!). So the quality of our pics should be getting much better (except for the days when she isn’t around and I forget my Powershot and I have to use my cell phone). Bossy has always been my blogging buddy, but since she got a new job working for the state, she has been so busy that Teach has become my new best helper. It’s so nice to have kids that are willing to help me with all my crazy dreams.

Baby Doll
I think the blogging world is an amazing place, not scary at all! For the most part, people are kind and supportive. In fact, I saw my first truly negative comment on a blog today and it wasn’t even on my blog but it made my heart ache. Why would someone take the time to tell someone else that their blog was “boring and pointless”? It obviously isn’t pointless to them!

Thank you for always being so supportive of our silliness! The Drama Queen has been insisting that I tell you that our less-than-six-months-old blog passed 30,000 pageviews yesterday. That seems like a good reason to celebrate…after all, we haven’t had a birthday around here since Sunday…

Prima Donna's Birthday Cake (it was tasty!)


Natalie Ockey said...

I have definitely been enjoying the family pictures! Thanks to "sweetie" for allowing it!

Sandra said...

haha! I loved this! I saw your name on another blog, and when I read "mom of 12" I was like, "I am so going there!" Congrats on the interview in the Tribune. My husband is still skiddish about all the info I divulge in my blog. Ok, you have an awesome life. Really enjoyed this post!

Stacey said...

Ya I have to say the same about my hubby... But he has come around too :)

Amanda said...

my hubby is also not all that fond of putting us out there, but isn't it fun?? life is meant to be lived.. we just have to be careful and protect ourselves! loving all of the reading I get to do on your blog :)

thanks for stopping by mine too, appreciated!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

The funny thing is I was actually wondering about your header the last time I was on your blog, then you answered my question. He did a great job on it!

And I'm loving that you put more pictures for us all to see. :)


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