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Apr 26, 2011


Bossy graduated with her BS from UVU in August, but she is participating in commencement this week. She is the first of our children to receive a Bachelors Degree, and we are very proud of her efforts! I know from personal experience how hard it is to go to college and concentrate on home and family at the same time. My sweetie received his BS in 1988 and that’s the same year I earned my MA. Bossy was three and the Gym Rat was just past one. 

Utah State had a fun program with a little degree called "Putting Him/Her Through" or a PHT. It could be awarded to kids and spouses of students. We got certificates for both of them. Then I made little caps and gowns and we put them through a mock ceremony at the house before the grownups headed off for commencement. Bossy insisted on being first and she threw back her little shoulders and thrust up her chin. She was so proud of her accomplishment that I knew then that school would be an important part of our lives always. 

Bossy was the cutest little girl! She had a double crown so her hair was incredibly thick and grown up from the time she was tiny. When she was three I took her to the salon for a perm. (Give me a break, it was the 80s!) The lady said she wouldn’t give one to a girl so small because their hair was too fine and it might be damaged in the processing. She took one look at Bossy and told her to climb into the chair. She still has long brown beautifully thick hair, but now she likes to wear it straight or pulled back. 
She was so bossy and mouthy when she was little. We thought it was cute so we let it slide. There were many times I looked into her dark blue eyes and whispered, "I can’t imagine what you will be like when you are all grown up." She would just give me a mischievous grin that seemed to say, "Just you wait…" 

We sailed through the elementary and middle school years playing basketball, softball, and throwing in just a little dance for good measure. She picked up a clarinet for the first time in 4th grade and that began a wild ride that finally ended with a college scholarship that paid all of her housing and fees at a junior college (her tuition was already covered with an academic scholarship). 

 High school was hard! We had many moments when I was tearing my hair out, wondering why I had given my own mom such a bad time. But there were some amazing moments too! She was a runner-up Sterling Scholar. Her Academic Decathlon team won the state competition and headed off for Nationals for the first time in the school’s history. She was a band officer and colorguard member. She got excellent marks and many scholarship opportunities. Before I knew it high school graduation came and went. She was only 17 and headed off to college. 

After she graduated from the junior college it was only a short time before she met Gamer and the two were married in a backyard ceremony by our Stake President. Taco came first and a couple of years later, Burrito. Gamer’s son, Bean Dip, also became a regular part of our family. And now, here she is…my own little Bossy (not so little anymore) graduating from the university.

I don’t have to imagine any more what you will be like when you grow up. Here you are, standing tall and proud (as you should be) facing the world once more in your cap and gown, diploma in hand. Go get ‘em Girl! ‘Grats…love you.


Prima Donna said...

Bossy you look very silly with your tounge sticking out. hehe That is such a cute blog though I never noticed how long its been since you last graduted one of my earliest memories is waking her up for school and not getting up when she should have been at school like 20 minutes before. Congrats I'm happy for you:):):)

Anonymous said...

Aww that's so cute! I love reading this page :) - Shimmii from SL forum

Laura@livingabigstory said...

Congrats to mom and daughter!


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