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Apr 27, 2011

Good Deed

One thing I’ve definitely learned after having all these kids is that it’s much easier to go to the grocery store by myself. It’s not that the kids beg for things…they learn early on that if they ask there is NO WAY I will buy that particular item. It’s simply that trying to get everyone inside the store and then into a cart, and then contained while I figure out what I need to buy can be incredibly difficult. 

Cars from '08 Sport is asleep and I can't find one to show.  Bailed out by this fun blog.

Unfortunately, sometimes I have to take my entourage with me. Today was one of those days. Smith’s had an amazing deal on Cheerios and I had 23 coupons! (Not that it’s important to the story, but I got 4 boxes of 14 oz Cheerios for $3.30! That’s less than a dollar a box and each box also had a free pull-back racer in it…you can’t go wrong with a free car.) So I drag Scout, Curly, and Baby Doll all to the store. 

 The minute we enter the doors they are both running for the Car Cart. That suits me fine since I can at least keep them somewhat contained inside the car without a leash. I snap Baby Doll’s car seat in and we head to the huge cereal display. I proceed to load 36 boxes of Cheerios into my cart. Car Carts are great except that they have smaller baskets so I can’t get as much in there as I’d like, but I manage. 

Soon we are rolling slowly toward the bakery for our free cookies. (After all the Easter candy, I managed to shake my head when the bakery girl offered me one.) I toss in 4 loaves of bread, a couple of bags of bagels and some rolls for supper. We bypass the produce since we are already stopping every few feet to pick up a box of cereal or loaf of bread that kamikazed to the floor. Somehow I squeeze in a couple of gallons of milk and we head to the checkout.

I open my purse to pull out my coupons and necessaries. That’s when I realize my sweetie has the Fresh Values card in his wallet. I know, you are thinking, "No problem, just type in your phone number." But it’s not that easy. Teach works at Smiths so I have an amazing employee card that gives me an extra 10% off the Kroger products. That’s when I remember that Teach is out in the Fuel Center. I fire off a text, hoping that she has left her wallet in the Customer Service area and I can get her card and use it. 

Somebody pulls into the lane behind me and I look up to suggest that they move ahead since I’m not really ready yet. I’m pleasantly surprised to see Sterling, a friend of Teach’s who worked with her until only recently when he transferred to another store. I smile, "Hey, how are you doing?" I notice he is buying cereal and since I’m not using all my coupons I offer him some. He gladly takes them and I move aside my overstuffed cart to let him go first. We chat for a minute and then a new text comes in from Teach. Yes, she has her purse, but it is with her across the parking lot in the Fuel Center. That means I have to park my cart and drag all three kids across the parking lot to get her card before I can check out, and Curly has fallen asleep. 

As I’m contemplating my fate, I notice that Sterling is nearly finished with his transaction. He thanks me again for the coupons then he turns to leave. My desperation made me bold, "Hey Sterling," I call. He turns back to me, all smiles. "Could you do me a favor?" I beg. "Sure," he responds. "Could you run over to fuel and get Teach’s Fresh Values card for me?" He pushes his cart to the side. "No problem," he says and sprints out of the store. I barely had time to send Teach a text before she responded with one saying that he had the card and was on his way back. It only took him about 3 minutes tops, but Sterling, I just want you to know that you saved my day! Thanks for being such a great guy! You can have my coupons anytime.


Alex said...

Oh, that was so nice. :] I like this story. And your coupon usage never fails to amaze me.

Laura@livingabigstory said...

Isn't it incredible how such a small act can brighten an otherwise difficult day ... thanks for sharing. I'll be on the lookout for ways to give a small act of kindness today!

Treasures Evermore said...

That is wonderful. I cannot believe the deal you got....here in Canada that would never happen. Coupons are usually only for those things people never buy...it's ridiculous.

Oh well...that's life....love your blog.


Sara Hammond said...

The comic at the end is awesome! I keep waiting for that kind of a situation to happen in the new tv shows about extremem couponing!

Anonymous said...

Awe, Mrs. C. You are awesome, 'nuff said right there! But you are a regular there, and practically a mommy to half the old baggers!! anyone would have done it for you.
Thank you!

Prima Donna said...

I LOVE COUPONS! you always seem to find the best deals an d we get a lot more food and stuff we love that way i wouldnt have as much stuff if you werent such a great shopper i lone you mom


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