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Apr 8, 2011

Friday Freebies: Video Games

When my sweetie and I were first married we were dirt poor. We had nothing, no car, no phone, and no money. We were enrolled at the university and we couldn’t even afford to buy our books. After two weeks of classes and still no financial aid check, I called my grandma and begged her to borrow me $200.00 so I could buy the books we needed before we flunked out of school. Grandma knew we were struggling, but I think that’s the first time she understood how much. So she helped us any way she could. Her favorite way was to give us coupons and rebate offers. 

These rebate offers usually had all the proofs of purchase attached with a paperclip and sometimes a stamped envelope. I know, she could have simply purchased the required items and then sent them in for us, but she wanted us to learn how to help ourselves. During those first years of our marriage nearly every store on the Wasatch Front doubled coupons at least one day a week. Grandma would often leave her home and travel a couple of hours to visit and help us learn how to be good shoppers. She was a product of the Great Depression and she knew the value of a dollar. For a time we became like those extreme coupon shoppers, but out of necessity, not just for the adrenaline rush. 

She helped us so much during those starving-student days and they were skills that stayed with me. I still use coupons as often as I can and I love a good rebate. So when Bossy found out about the ones on Langers juice, I just had to share. Now finish reading my blog first, then head on over to their website at www.langers.com . They always have offers on their home page. You don’t need cash register tapes, just the UPCs. They currently have ten active offers listed (the GI Joe link leads no where). We sent for our first Wii game a couple of months ago. I was surprised when it was shipped to us in less than a week. With 12 UPCs and $2.99 in shipping we received Raving Rabbids Travel in Time Wii game ($50.00 in the stores!). 

 That got me excited so we sent for two more, the Astro Boy Wii game (12 UPCs and $4.99 s&h) and the Megamind Wii game for 10 UPCs and totally free! For that one you can choose Nintendo DS if you’d rather. Teach is on a Biggest Loser program that just started for her work so I ordered a Yoga DVD for her (3 UPCs and $3.99 s&h). She has used it a couple of times (ok, she only got through the first 20 minutes before she was complaining about how sore she was…) but she says it is lots of fun. Now I’m saving up to get the Top Spin 4 game (12 UPCs and $2.99 s&h). It’s available for the Wii, the PS3, and the XBOX 360. We need to buy a lot more apple juice!

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Cantwell Chaos said...

This post makes me want to be much more aware. I love saving money and it's such a thrill to find an awesome deal! But I know I don't know about most deals out there. I need to make the time to find out. I usually find good deals on clothing at places like Old Navy or Kohls. You have opened my eyes and gotten me thinking. Thanks for that!


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