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Apr 6, 2011

Shh...Don't Tell Dad.

Last week the Dog Walker burst through the door and headed straight to the small bathroom by the mudroom. Now that isn’t a strange thing for him to do when he has been at school all day, but this time was different. I heard the pocket door of the bathroom close and then open again. He walked back into the kitchen with the goofiest grin on his face. "What?" I asked. "You’ll see," he said mysteriously, still grinning like a hyena. Then he headed off in search of his sisters. 

Disney's The Lion King
 A few minutes later they all came bursting through the kitchen and into the mudroom. Again, the pocket door closed and opened. Then a bunch of girls giggled. "Don’t tell Dad," Princess said. "He’ll have a fit," the Prima Donna agreed. That was enough for me, I headed to the mudroom. "What are you guys doing?" I asked suspiciously. The Dog Walker grinned and pulled open the pocket door. A huge picture of Justin Bieber stared back at me. This guy was taking over my world! 

Last Friday on April Fool’s Day, Princess sent me a text in the middle of the day which was pretty strange since she was at school. It read, "Look at the school’s website!" So I pulled up the site, but instead of the normal school name, it said, "South Justin Bieber School." Every window on the home page had an article or picture or announcement about Justin Bieber. Curly came wandering in while I was scrolling through the various pictures and trivia. "Who is that?" I asked him. He squinted at the screen with a thoughtful glint in his eye. "Harry Potter!" he announced. Then before I could say anything, he said, "Or Justin Bieber," then again, "Or Harry Potter…" Apparently he is the only one in the world who mixes them up. 

My 14-year-old Princess is rather smitten with Justin Bieber. The Dog Walker also thinks he is amazing...to the point that my sweetie made the name Justin Bieber a swear word in our house for a while. Uttering his name could give you an extra job. So the Dog Walker gave him the code name "JB." 

This morning I went over to Bossy’s house to take Burrito to school. (They have been having car troubles.) I clicked him into the carseat next to Baby Doll. "I want to sing her a song!" he announced. "OK," I said. He looked at me like I was totally daft. "I need some music," he said. I climbed in the driver’s seat and switched on the CD player. The Dog Walker’s CD was still in. The opening strains of JB’s "Baby," song started up. 

"That’s a good song," I said. "It’s about a baby." Burrito harumphed from the back seat. "That’s a girl song," he said. "Well, Baby Doll is a girl," I said reasonably. He snorted again. "But I can’t sing a GIRL song," he said. Just then the chorus, "Baby Baby Baby Oh," came on. "Hey!" I heard from the backseat. "Curly sings that song!" "You’re right," I said, "and he’s a boy." He let that sink in for about 10 seconds and then I heard his happy little voice singing at the top of his lungs, "Baby Baby Baby Oh!" 


The Bakers said...

Berkelee loves him too :)My favorite part is that he's 17 has been famous for two seconds and has the most popular documentary of all times. Goodness

ForeverRhonda said...

I like him. I would much rather my kids being liking JB than some foul mouthed rapper or something!

PRINCESS said...

I LOVE HIM! Ok, I'm not in love but he's pretty darn amazing! I was doing my laundry and listening to his cd. and I just had to sing along! And then, me, being the dancer I am, had to start dancing. The laundry was soon forgotten and before I knew it I had Curly and Scout, all of us dancing and tipping over the laundry piles. Even though I had to start all over, it was totally worth it. Jb FOREVER!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Funny enough, I just wrote a post about this. My 7-year-old thinks Justin Bieber is very wonderful. Already!


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