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Apr 1, 2011

Friday Freebies: Disney Movie Rewards

This past year we decided to finish most of the rest of our basement. We had a pretty big space that was under our family room. About the time we got most of the electrical work done we realized that my dad was looking for a new place to stay. So we squeezed what little space we had for storage and managed a small room for him. We also built a stage, but that’s another story. More than anything, my sweetie wanted a projector. More than anything, I wanted carpet. So we compromised and we have carpet AND a big screen.

My sweetie’s favorite thing to do (ok, his second favorite thing to do) is watch a good movie. With kids so many different ages, it’s hard to find something appropriate for everyone. That’s why we trust our great friend, Walt Disney, to provide entertainment. We have dozens of movies with the Disney logo. So somewhere I heard about the Disney Movie Rewards club.

I’m really not big into entering every code on every box or package of everything I buy at the store. I’d much rather blog than sit around typing in random codes with no hope of winning anything. When I first looked into signing up I was skeptical, but the Disney Movie Rewards club is different. Any Disney movie you buy has a slip of paper inside with a code. Each of these codes is worth a certain number of points and those points can be directly redeemed for anything in their rewards club. Most movies are worth 100 points unless they are blue-rays and then they are usually 125 points. You can also earn rewards by seeing a movie in the theater.

Rewards begin right away and they are so easy to redeem. The first thing I saw that I knew I had to order was a Mad Hatter clock. It had a cool picture from the movie, but that was not the best part. The numbers and the hands run backwards! The Drama Queen loves weird stuff like that. It was well worth 1550 points. All I had to do was "click" and the clock was on its way. It came within a couple of weeks so the wait wasn’t bad either. The next thing I ordered was a Walt Disney baseball cap.

The Dog Walker loves all things Disney so he was absolutely thrilled. It cost me 700 points. The last thing I ordered just last week, a Tangled Thermal Lunch Box for 675 points. The Princess will be so excited! Unlike some programs, there are plenty of rewards to choose from. Right now there are 273 possibilities. There are also tons of movie choices, some as low as 550 points. I definitely recommend signing up. After we got the clock, I sent my kids on a treasure hunt through every Disney movie in the house to see if they could find any more codes. They did! Lots of them and the program took them all, even if they said they were expired. Check it out at www.disneymovierewards.com

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