Sep 1, 2018

Guest Blogger: Financial Goals by the Dog Walker

It's been quite a while ever since my Mom asked me to write a guest blog for her. She's been quite a busy lady lately. She's been in charge of babysitting with Twizlet and Skittles for almost a whole week. And she had a Tupperware party to host. Anyway, I just thought I would like to explain about this post. I'm back in college and I'm getting close to getting a bachelor degree in University Studies and I wrote an admission paper to send to the man who's in charge of it, just so that I can be able to finish a few more classes before graduating in December of 2019.

I'm taking a couple of classes that might help me and Puppy Lover to be a good married couple. They are Finance and Parenting. Puppy Lover and I are looking forward to having a family of our own. However, we're still trying to adjust our lives with the marriage and that we still need more time to get used to it before bringing a child to this life. Puppy Lover and I are still figuring out how to manage our money wisely. I'm taking a finance class so that I can start budgeting and become financially literate.

It's still quite hard to make enough money whenever you're working at Walmart and you only get paid twelve dollars an hour. Puppy Lover works at a Village Baker for only part-time and a few hours. My mom is helping her to find a different job that could help her work a few more hours to earn a bit more money to pay for rent and all other expenses. I'm quite nervous about this next step into being married. But if I'm going to be a husband and father, I have to be wise with the money and avoid frivolous spending.

Sometimes, it doesn't make sense on how I can still save money when working at Walmart and have to pay expenses monthly. There is a Schoolhouse Rock song called Dollars and Sense. But I'm not quite sure if that really implies on being financially literate. It's just something that reminds me of what it's like to be wise and careful with money, even if it isn't an easy thing.

I'm hoping that throughout the semester of learning how to use a Financial calculator and learning about different financial goals, Puppy Lover and I will be able to know how to use our money in a wisely manner.

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LeAnn said...

Well Dog Walker, I think you are amazing. I am excited or your upcoming graduation. You are doing great things. I think you are so wise to study how to handle your finances. I think it is so important in being a husband and father. I think you will take good care of your Puppy Lover.
Blessings and hugs for you two!