Sep 23, 2018

First of Its Kind

I've had 5 kids play tackle football and today was the first time any of them actually caught a pass. You have to understand that all 5 have been X-men (women, sorry, Scout) and in the youth leagues, they are not allowed to carry the ball.

Today Curly was doing his usual fantastic job on the O-line when he looked up to watch the pass being thrown over his head. It was deflected by one of the defensive players and it started spinning end over end in the air. There was no way the intended receiver was even going to have a chance at it, so Curly snatched it up and even managed to gain a few yards before the five guys surrounding him pulled him down.

It all happened so fast that even if I would have had my camera out, I wouldn't have been able to capture it. Unfortunately, the kids don't get instant replay, but they did have someone there today filming things, so hopefully it will end up on the end of the year video.

But even if it doesn't, Curly can have bragging rights with his big brothers (and sister) and that is definitely worth something.

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LeAnn said...

Way to go Curly! I love that he caught the ball and took it for a few yards. That is something to brag about. I think it is strange that they put them on teams that can’t catch the ball; oh well newer rules. I loved the photos. It is football season and you can feel it in the air.
Blessings and hugs for Curly!