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Sep 21, 2018

1st Match for Scout

I think I told you that Scout has been looking for something new in her life. She didn't love tackle football and now she is disenchanted with softball. So in the spring I signed her up for a little volleyball league here at our local rec center. It turns out that she is a natural and she loves it!

Scout wears #14.
A few weeks ago, I signed her up to try out for Bingham's 9th grade team. She was upset at first, but quickly came around and decided she would go and do her best. As a 7th grader, she didn't have much chance making it on the 9th grade team, so she was excited to become an alternate. Then the alternates were pulled in for one more team and she made the 5th team rather than the 6th.

Wednesday was her first set of matches, the first with West Jordan and the second with Riverton. They won the match against West Jordan in the 3rd game. Then they played again right after that and lost both games to Riverton, but not by much.

I was so proud of Scout! She worked hard and supported her teammates. Maybe the volleyball court really is the place for her.

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LeAnn said...

I think volleyball is a great sport for girls and boys. I loved it growing up. Of course, my favorite is basketball. I love that you signed her up and then she was brave and tried out for team. Way to go Scout; you are awesome. Blessing and hugs for you!


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