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Jul 2, 2016

Team Party

Yesterday, after we got back from Tuacahn, Sport has his baseball team party. It was typical pot luck picnic fare with awards, but most importantly, the kids got to swim!

Baby Doll was especially excited to try out all the equipment. I don't think she had ever seen fins before, because she didn't have a clue how to put them on. Also, her suit was still wet from Tuacahn so she wore one of her older sister's suits which was way too big for her, but she was adorable anyway.

Curly and Sport are in the background of most of these pictures, but they were having way too much fun with the other guys to pose for me. The pool had a slide that the kids were all enjoying and then someone got the brilliant idea to throw all the floaties and pool noodles on it and slide through them on the way down.

Sport was absolutely ridiculous when he did it!

It was hard to drag them out of the pool at 8:00, but I finally managed, since today was the last day of school for Scout and Curly. Year-round school is so crazy! Their summer started today and they go back on July 26; not even a month long. And we are trying to cram everything possible into those few short weeks. My sweetie is sanding down the wood floors and will be pouring all new surfaces next week. That means we are doing an awful lot of picnicking over the next few days.

Good thing I love hot dogs.

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LeAnn said...

I love to hear about fun swimming parties. We had a pool when we lived in Las Vegas and It was so fun. I do think year around school can be intersting. I'm not sure I would have liked it. Good luck with the floors and enjoy the picnicing.


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