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Jul 24, 2016

Showering Princess with Gifts

The shower was awesome!

Truly, Drama Queen should hire out as a party planner. She did an amazing job with the Disney-theme, even making huge murals attached to the mattress boxes she saved from our new bed a couple of months ago. She also used all of Princess's dolls to stretch the theme all around the room.

My job was to set up the two king-sized quilts we were tying for Princess and The Frog. The shower started at 4:00 and even though I started setting the frames just after 1:00, I was still framing the second one when people began to arrive. I think it is because we decided to use a flannel back for the first one and it took forever in adjusting to get it square.

My sweetie made a huge pot of chicken noodle soup and then another one filled with broccoli cheese soup. The food was yummy and we all took advantage of the crockpots keeping it warm for the 4 hours of the open house shower.

Even though we had people tying the entire time, when 8:00 rolled around, we only had one quilt done. By the time we finished the second one, cleaned everything up, and headed out the door of the church, it was nearly 10:00. Such a long day!

But so worth it. Princess was thrilled with the generosity of our family and friends and I was so excited to have both quilts tied and ready for binding. Not only that, we had left over chicken noodle soup for lunch today, making Sunday much easier to plan for our evening 24th of July party.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

I love your creative family and all they do to make an event happen. I really like the idea of tying quilts; that is awesome. Happy for you all! Hugs~


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