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Jul 16, 2016

Camp Frontier

You know I am the Wolf Den leader in our Cub Scout Pack. Most packs do a day camp and ours started today. We all met at the church early this morning and then we drove to Camp Frontier. Not gonna lie, I was not very excited about this adventure.

But we arrived unscathed and even though it was hot and dusty, it was marginally fun.
Our counselor really enjoyed harassing our Den Chief (who happened to be Sport) because he was too worried about being cool to enjoy spending time with the boys.

At one point the counselor asked him to help with the obstacle course and he ran it in record "slow" time as you can see from him sitting on that overly large tire.

It wasn't until later when I congratulated Sport on fixing his attitude that he confessed that this 17-year-old counselor who makes all of $2.35/hour paid him a dollar to help him!

OK, maybe we had some fun other than that, and it's a good thing I feel that way, because I'm going back again tomorrow.

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LeAnn said...

I remember the Wolf Den actitives. It makes me tired just thinking of all the things that I did for this when I had that assignment. I spent about 8years doing cubbing and for me it was hard. Creativity for boys activities is not in my relm of talents. I love all that you do. Hugs~~


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