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Jul 30, 2016

Dog Walker's New Space

Prima Donna took up a new residence in Ogden so she can go to school, and we have been rearranging kids and moving people around so we have a room for Grandpa again. The Dog Walker is moving into Prima Donna's old room today, but it doesn't look anything like it did last month when she was using it.

Drama Queen spent hours patching, sanding, designing and eventually painting the room. Then this morning we had new carpet installed. I was hoping to show you a picture of everything all done up, but the Dog Walker had to work all day so he is still in the process of moving in.

It's been quite a few years since he has been upstairs with us, so it will be quite a transition for him, but one I think I will enjoy. He won't be able to disappear into his room quite so easily anymore.

We also had the Girl Scout swim party today. There were 22 of us all together with the families who joined us. I thought Crafty had some pictures for me, but she used Snapchat so when I asked for them, they were long gone from her phone.

We got most of the invitations for Princess's wedding delivered today. I just have one more neighborhood, but we ran out of the ones we had all done up. I can't believe that wedding is 2 weeks from tomorrow. I still feel so scattered. I guess it will come and go and either way, they will be married.

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LeAnn said...

How fun for Dog Walker to have a new room. I always enjoyed our moves through the years because I like new bedrooms. For it to have new paint and carpet; is sweet. You are a family of transitions. Love it all! Blessings and hugs~


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