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Jul 4, 2016

A Double Birthday Party

While we were back east, we had several birthdays happen in the family. Beauty had hers on the 21st, but we celebrated that one with a fun waffles breakfast before we left. The other two were Prima Donna and Sport.

New water jug for football
Sport turned 13 and we let him have the birthday party with his friends before we left, but he never got a chance to eat cake and ice cream with the family. Prima Donna turned 18 last Sunday and as we all know, that's a big one. She is finally an adult! We even started moving her into her new apartment near Weber State, but that's a post for another day.

Prima Donna loves "Hamilton"
Today we had a double birthday party for both of them. You know, in all my years of having all these kids (and several of them have birthdays that are really close together!) I have never done a combined party. It actually goes completely against my nature. My brother has a birthday on January 22 and mine is January 25. We were routinely combined as children and I hated it.

But today was truly a necessity. My kitchen and living room areas are completely torn up because of the hardwood project, so we had to plan a BBQ. Pretty much everything had to be prepared outside and with disposable stuff. I can't do dishes or anything in the kitchen, so every utensil is a problem.

Still newly-weds
I even ordered a cake yesterday from Sam's Club. It was a half sheet cake with a line down the middle that had Sport on one side and Prima Donna on the other. It's been about 15 years since we have had a store-bought cake for a birthday.

More newly-weds
Fortunately, everything went off without a hitch. My sweetie grilled burgers and we cut watermelon and served baked beans, chips, and potato salad. The kids enjoyed the cake (maybe a little too much) and we ate in the yard under the canopy.

I hope you have big plans for the 4th of July. We are having another family BBQ, but at Bossy's house this time.


Anonymous said...

Just like kids whose birthdays fall on holidays, some parents forget the birthday party altogether..We would celebrate at our home on the first day of the month to make sure they had a wonderful birthday..Of course I have an only child and she wanted the birthday parties here to spoil the gals and to go to the movies and or plays she planned them..I think people who celebrate birthdays together are not that caring whatsoever, poor as I was growing up I was always thrilled on my special birthday a may baby, usually the last day of the catholic school I attended..I got to invite all the classes I was put in usually a split class 2/3 out in the part two cakes and lots of tables, I got lots of baseball bats, baseballs and mitts from the boys, popbeads and dolls and stuff from the gals. I was thrilled, my mother died that year and that was the only party for my birthday I ever got again, my father went to pieces and we were taken from him and he took to drink..I think one must celebrate each birthday separately so the child can feel special..I agree with you, and most of my cakes from my wee tiny times were made by my mother Spanish cakes and the two I had at my party when I was in the 3rd grade was from a baker that made all the wedding cakes for the many weddings at the church and school I attended and my Mom worked for the cakes at the bakery, it was a better time in life~

LeAnn said...

You do know how to celebrate! I am sure that both of the birthday kids will just make this one a memorable one since they are sharing.
It will be different. I can't imagine how you do it all without a kitchen; but you are so good at organizing it all. I do hope you enjoyed the store bought cake; again another memory because it's different.
Hugs for all and especially those that that you celebrated birthdays for.


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