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Jul 5, 2016

Happy Independence Day

In honor of our Independence Day, we did a few things.

My guys helped set up flags this morning in all the neighbors' yards. Crafty, Fajita, and Bossy marched in two parades this morning and then Crafty did another one this afternoon. We had a family baseball game before attending Crafty's parade. Bossy and Gamer cooked dinner for all of us and Teach and Twiz bought the fireworks.

My poor sweetie was stuck working on the floors most of the day although he did join us for dinner and fireworks.

Even with all 3 parades and her school work (she is taking two summer classes), Crafty still managed to write this beautiful poem she wanted me to share with you.

Happy 4th of July!

The Shot Heard Around the World

Marching in a line,
Perfectly synchronized.
The salt of sweat
And the heat of our blisters
Remind us
That danger is near,
But it seems so far away
Oh so far away.

The first pop
Fills the air.
The wind is

He goes down,
Never to
Rise again.
The shot
Echoes in the
Of day.

It has begun

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

I loved the poem; awesome! As usualy you seem to have wonderful 4th of July Celebrations. I can't imagine going to that many parades; but here in Salt Lake there are some good ones. Hugs~


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