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Jul 27, 2016

1st Day of School

It was the first day of school for my kids who are on the year-round track schedule. Scout and Curly were off early this morning to see friends and meet their new teachers. Both seemed pleased with the adventure when they got home.

Baby Doll is starting kindergarten and then don't just toss them in with the big kids on the first day... they ease them in gently. Baby Doll had an appointment with her teacher today at 1:00. She was nervous and excited to see where she will begin spending so much time starting next Wednesday.

She took a tour of the restroom, the cubbies, coatracks, and desks. Then she and the teacher did a little bit of testing while I filled out paperwork. There is always plenty of that when the new school year starts. I was so proud of her for being brave and actually talking with her teacher. Some of my other girls have struggled with that.

She was sent home with a homework assignment, some jitter glitter, and a treat. She can hardly wait for next week!


Marci said...

Kindergarten! No way! Hooray for school!

LeAnn said...

Oh, my kindergarten already. I loved reading this update on your sweet Baby Doll. Hugs for all~


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