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Feb 25, 2015

Survived It

I actually made it through my crazy, hectic day!

Did you have any doubts? I did...

Maybe it's because I couldn't sleep last night. Or maybe because about 4:45 AM, Scout came into my room with an earache. I don't know.

Taco's car for his pack meeting.
Drama Queen took care of things this morning so I could try to sleep a little. We both took Baby Doll to her ballet class at 10:00 and then we ran to Curves for a quick workout. We gassed up the van and ran for the streamers I needed for my table decorations and still picked her up at 10:45.

We headed downtown immediately so that Drama Queen could get her paperwork in so she can go to work as a substitute teacher in the Granite district. Then we stopped by Chick-fil-A and used my free sandwich coupons for a quick lunch on our way home.

I ran through the grocery store for the salad dressing I forgot and then it was home to pull the last minute stuff together. I only had about an hour before I had to be at the elementary school to help with their Marketplace for Scout's class, so I used it wisely and make the uniform inspection awards and gathered the rest of the stuff I needed for tonight.

I also managed to get a much-needed shower and a change of clothes. I arranged for Princess's Cupcake Club to tour Peterson's Bakery on Thursday. That was the 4th place we contacted. I wish we would have called them first! They were so accommodating and all the other places just didn't have the time to help us.

Side View
I had fun at the school, selling housing to the kids for play money, but it was after 3:00 when I finally got home. I gathered what I needed and headed for the church. The Dog Walker had an appointment with his tutor and he wasn't able to help me set up so I had to do it by myself. Fourteen tables and 100 chairs later and I was exhausted. It was almost 5:30 by the time I finished the tablecloths and decorations.

I drove home to pick up the rest of the stuff and make my quick pot of chicken noodle soup. Yeah, I confess, I opened 8 cans and added water to my crockpot. Teach showed up about the time I was packing the cooler and she helped me get things in the van. Then the Dog Walker came home and we were ready.

Cute pic of Teach
By 6:15 she had the projector all set up for the slide show and I had the food under control. Other leaders showed up with their crocks of soup and we were good to go. The crazy part? I didn't even think to take a single picture!

Things ran smoothly and by 8:00 we were cleaning up. Unfortunately, we had some trouble getting the screen to go back up and that took almost half an hour to solve. I finally got home at 8:40 after locking up the church and quickly changed for basketball.

I have to admit I was moving much slower than usual and my shot was definitely off. But I was there. I got home just before 11:00, read scriptures and had family prayer with the kids who were still up and sent them all off to bed. As soon as I finish up this post for you, that's where I'm going.

Maybe tonight I won't have any trouble falling asleep.


Anonymous said...

I just don't know how you do it must be great faith and strength from God and the fact you actually adore your kids and family and would never let them down in any circumstance(s). I think you are a terrific Mom and human being, I am praying for Princess to snag lots of scholarship money and for your other daughter to get that teaching position where she applied..Your little ones have a wonderful wonderful Mother & what an example to them how to parent and be a wonderful human being..God is guiding you each moment and your faith is helping you to parent, just get some shut eye so you can continue to do what you do Sandy..God's continued blessings, my hats off to you and your sweet family..ciao & X()X()X()X()

Natalie Ockey said...

Busiest person I know! You constantly amaze me with all you you are doing!


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