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Feb 13, 2015

Survived the FACS Camp

lots of valentines
medical dolls
Tonight was Princess's FACS camp I told you about earlier in the week. She rocked it!!

The kids had so much fun! It was a bit chaotic at first as we gathered about 80 children into the main hall before splitting them into groups and taking them to the various classrooms in the FACS department.

relay race
There were six rotations and from what I could see, the kids enjoyed all of them. Our group started with the baby relay race in the hall. The kids had to walk on the stompers, change the baby's diaper, ride the scooter around the cones, and be the first one back.

The second rotation was to make valentines for the Meals on Wheels group as a service project. This group met in the culinary kitchen and they pushed 8 square tables together to make one big table before they spread colored paper, glue sticks, crayons, and other decorations around so the kids could be creative. All told we had 84 valentines.

The third rotation was in the preschool where the kids read stories and played dress up. They also played a math counting game with conversation hearts.

The interior design rotation had them watching a PowerPoint and then designing their own dream homes on paper.

yummy cookies
The fifth rotation was where I spent most of my time. We were stuffing and sewing the surgery play dolls for Primary Children's Medical Center. For those younger ones there was an alternate heart lace up activity.

And last, but certainly the favorite, was the class in the kitchen where they frosted sugar cookies donated by Macey's grocery store and made healthy fruit smoothies.

The kids returned to the main hall, group by group as things were wrapping up. It was so nice to have so many helpers for the entire project. Princess is a pro when it comes to managing a large group now. You know, 5 years ago she was afraid to talk to people in big groups or in small ones. Now she handles it with class and grace, just like a real Princess.

PS, Sport won Most Creative for his Valentine's Day Box at school.

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