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Feb 23, 2015

Guest Blog: The Queen by Princess

Best dance ever! I just have no idea where to begin. I had the best date, and the best photographers, and being crowned Queen was pretty cool. I guess we can just go chronologically. So I picked up my date at 5:00 (had his mom pin on his boutonniere) and we headed over to get Prima Donna’s boy.

We didn’t get lost on the way to his house (this time) and we arrived at Daybreak Lake at 5:30 to take pictures. Teach and Drama Queen showed up a few minutes later and we started snapping pictures even though the other couple wasn’t there yet. I usually hate the picture taking part but with all my family and these awesome Madrigal Men it was a blast and they turned out pretty cute.

We then headed to Applebee’s where Gamer had saved a table for us. He was our server and it was a good thing too because that place was packed! I never drink anything but water but I made an exception and tried some different lemonades. I let Gamer mix me up some random ones (raspberry mango, something and kiwi I’m not really sure) but they were all super tasty!

It was getting close to eight so we decided to head to the dance since they were announcing the Queen at 8:30. We only got to dance to one song before all nominees were ushered into a side room. We waited for the couples (which felt like forever) and then we walked over to the small stage area. By this point I had already gotten sick of my shoes so my date was carrying them for me. We scrunched up to fit all 21 contestants in but there eventually were two lines made and we ended up being in the back.

As soon as they got everyone lined up, they started giving out awards. They gave the special ed girl a sash, then the second attendant a necklace and then a little voice in the back of my head (that sounded suspiciously like my mom’s voice) said, “Princess, you won.” I quickly pushed that thought aside because I did not want disappointment, but then they announced the 1st attendant. Now you might think I would be freaking out but I was totally calm.

“And the 2015 Sweeheart’s Queen representing the cake club cup…. the club cupcake cake… the cupcake...” and then they said my name. I squeezed my way through the front line of couples and cameras started flashing (yearbook staff) and they handed me a bouquet and put a tiara on my head and I was just smiling so hard and thanking everyone.

My date was still in the back row just smiling so we finally got him to come forward. Then they cleared the space and we got to dance with everyone watching. My FCCLA advisor held my flowers for me and my date put my shoes on a nearby speaker and we danced with hundreds of eyes on us.

So, the big question: Was I surprised? No. In a very humble way. The Lord had helped me through this whole ordeal and I knew he would help me with whatever the outcome was as well. In this case he helped me stand confident and not be embarrassed as suddenly the whole night was about me. All these people were congratulating me and the Quarterback cut in and danced with me and I did all these things that I could never have even imagined doing a few years ago. It truly was a dream come true in more ways than one.

Thanks for all those who supported me, especially my sweet family and my date, I could never had done this without you guys. Of course you gave me a picture perfect night, but you also gave me confidence and love and support and that means so much to me.


Marci said...

Congratulations!! What a fun evening!

Gamer said...

Congrats Princess! Glad I was able to help the evening somewhat fun when you where at my work that night. The drinks mixes just so you know where Mango/kiwi and another was Strawberry/Mango Lemonades! Love Lil Sis!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Princess, I was praying and praying and I knew God would let you win..you worked mighty hard for the honor and you are a Queen in every sense of the word..Your faith is shining thru and my family and I are happy you so enjoyed the honor..Congrats to your wonderful Mother and Father and siblings, you are part of a wonderful God loving and fun family..again sincerest Congrats to a real life Princess and Queen!


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