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Feb 10, 2015

Princess's FACS Camp

Princess was selected as a finalist for the Region Sterling Scholar in Family and Consumer Sciences. We are so happy for her! She has her interview tomorrow to see if she will advance to the State Finals. As if that isn't enough stress for her, she is also preparing a FACS Mini Camp to be held on Friday at the high school.

This is totally her responsibility and she has been working hard to make it successful. It will be so much fun with already more than 50 kids signed up to participate!

She has 6 rotations planned where the kids will decorate sugar cookies, make smoothies, sew medical play dolls for Primary Children's Medical Center, run a relay race using the electronic babies, and make valentines for the Meals on Wheels project. She has several other activities as well, all based on teaching the kids ages 4 and up to LOVE the FACS Department.

Since Princess is in charge, that means tons of prep work for me to help her get ready. I have to admit that it is a little stressful. We are trying to get Macey's grocery store to donate the cookies so we don't have to arrange to have them made, so that should help. I am making all the little dolls so they will just have to be stuffed and have the openings stitched up. I also get to do all the shopping...

I've been helping her get the supplies ready for the valentines part of the project today.

So many things to do...

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

You sweet girl; you always have many things to do. I love how you are so supportive and involved with your children.
You are awesome; blessings my friend!


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