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Feb 1, 2015

Guest Post: Sweet Violets by Drama Queen

Yesterday was a pretty crazy day!  Most of us slept in for part of the morning, but then we were up and working hard to help Mom and Dad clean and organize their bedroom.  My job was to go through our insanely large game collection and toss out the games missing too many pieces or that we just never play.  We went from about 200 board and card games down to about half that.  (Told you it was insane!)

After lunch, some of us went back to work and the little kids all ran about to their Jr. Jazz games.  I got sent to run an errand while Princess cooked up dinner and the family went to clean the church, then we all packed into the van to scurry down to our cousin’s Senior Ballroom Dance Showcase.

 It was awesome!  Twinkle-Toes (Mom’s not the only one who gets to come up with Blog names, right?) and his lovely partner did a fantastic job.  They planned the whole night and did a great job.  Baby Doll was on my lap most of the time and she was totally fascinated – it’s a completely different style of dance than she usually sees, after all.  It was a great experience. 

On the ride down, Mom and Baby Doll had been singing some of her songs from pre-school when I piped up that she should sing “Sweet Violets.”  It was a song that Mom’s Mom taught her and that I’ve never heard anywhere else.  Since we have smart phones now, we of course had to look it up, and found out that it was originally sung by Dinah Shore.  I love listening to Mom’s version, but I couldn’t get her to sing it for my camera, so here’s the original. 

The only thing it's missing are the words that we sing that actually rhyme. Like in back of the barn he gave her a kiss, not a lecture...

The best part of days like today is that it’s a simple day that will inevitably linger in our good memories – it had all the things that are most important to our family: service, supporting each other, sports, and sharing memories. It was a good day. How has your weekend been?

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