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Feb 17, 2015

Guest Blogger: Cupcake Wars at Kauri Sue Hamilton by Elder Dog Walker

I know that it's been a long time since I got to tell a lot of you about how the mission is going. Y'all have heard that I extended my mission until June, only because it would be awkward to end the mission right in the middle of the school year for the students, so I decided to keep on serving until the end of the school year for these students.There are a lot of other things happening on the mission that went great. On the sixth of February, Kauri Sue was doing a Cupcake Wars competition with the faculty and they let anybody turn in cupcakes to go for the contest. I wish you could have tried the cupcakes that I created for the competition. I made Book of Mormon Blueberry cupcakes and it was hard to try to make them taste like blueberry and to also make small Book of Mormon fondants on top of the cupcakes. But after I was done serving in the seminary that day, I went to the Atrium at Kauri Sue where the judging would take place. Everyone had a lot of other cupcakes with them. Some were awarded best taste and most creative. I won most creative and they asked for a picture with me and the other winners. The people at Kauri Sue thought the cupcakes I made were wonderful. One woman there bought them for eleven dollars and tried one of them. She said they were delicious. It was one of the most fun times of the mission that I’ve done.There are a lot of other events coming for my mission and I know they'll be wonderful until I plan to write my homecoming talk in June. I hope you enjoyed on what you can hear. If any of you are interested on how these cupcakes should taste, I guess there might be a time I would give you a food for thought and to show the recipe. Hope you enjoyed it.

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