Jul 18, 2014

Guest Blog - Seven Peaks by Drama Queen

 On Monday we used our Pass of all Passes to go to Seven Peaks with the kids and Bossy's family.  It was really pretty fun!  The kids enjoyed lots of slides and had fun playing "spot the abandoned tube."  I spent a good deal of it hanging out with Baby Doll, but she was pretty offended by the notion that she was too little to go on the big tube slides.  She is seriously three going on thirty-eight.

I was elected to tell you about this adventure though, because of an awesome thing that happened towards the end of our visit.  First off, as you long-time readers probably know, Princess drowned in a bathtub at fifteen months and was successfully resuscitated, and we are super glad because she is amazing.  Well, during that time they were really worried that she would get pneumonia or some other complication because her body temperature was so low.  Their technique (as odd as it sounds) was to withdraw some blood, warm it in a microwave, and replace it.

Now...I don't know if this meant that there were any weird side effects, but Princess does have an uncanny ability to sense when a song is playing on the radio and can almost always switch right to the station - On really crazy days she will be singing along to the song at exactly the right part!

Fast forward to Monday.  It was getting close to dinner time and Mom started talking about how we should be heading home, but there wasn't an easy way to gather all the kids up.  As a joke I said, "Oh, let me just try telepathically paging Princess."  So, goof that I am, I started calling in a creepy voice, "Princess...Princesssssss...it's time to goooooo...gatherrr the chilllddreeennnn..."

Imagine the look on Mom's face when not five minutes later Princess and the crew walk back to our table.  When asked why they came back, Princess said "I had the feeling it was time to go."

I'm not saying Spider-man...but maybe there's a scientific reason why Princess's favorite song is "Radioactive"....... 

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LeAnn said...

I see your family had another fantastic adventure. I do love the story about Princess. It was awesome! I wish some of my children could hear me when I need them.
Blessings for you!