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Jul 1, 2014

My Crazy Week

We also had 3 rehearsals plus the dress rehearsal last week!
I know I complain sometimes about the craziness of my life, but I am also very aware that I choose to make it that way. Most of the time. Other times it just sort of gets away from me... let me tell you about last week.

We started the week with Prima Donna's project looming on the horizon. There were so many things to do just to get ready for that musical! Except that there were 1000 other things to do first.

Monday was Sport's 11th birthday. I cooked dinner for about 18 people and made a cake and wrapped his gifts... you get the idea. All the while stressing over Prima Donna's project.

Sport's birthday
And Pack Meeting. Tuesday night was pack meeting and we decided to make foam rockets. I made kits for 30 rockets including cutting the pool noodles and running over to Kwal to see if they would donate the paint sticks to shoot them from. Fortunately, the Drama Queen helped me cut all the fins from card stock, and Curly helped me with reminder fliers. Pack Meeting went well, but all the while I was stressing how we were ever going to be prepared for Prima Donna's performance on Saturday.

Wednesday night was Curly's baseball team party and as the team mom, I was in charge. I bought hot dogs and made cupcakes. I also made up all the awards because the coach was super busy. So busy in fact, he totally forgot about the party so I got to entertain all these little boys and their families with only the assistants to help me. We had the party at the Zipline park which made it a little easier. Gamer even grilled the hot dogs for me and everyone was happy. But I was still worried about Prima Donna's project.

Thursday night was Prima Donna's 16th birthday (and Princess has all the pics in her phone). Again it was the same drill. Except that I made her a zebra cake (what a pain!) and the Drama Queen made her a lovely chicken pot pie which is what she requested for dinner. The project crowded out the excitement of the parties and everything else. I was just so worried about it!

Playing in the water at the team party.
I think the Drama Queen sensed my concern and offered to take over my scout meeting on Friday. She did a wonderful job of simulating the Hunger Games for the girls. I ran around to Home Depot gathering supplies on Thursday and my sweetie stayed home Friday morning to help Drama Queen with the scenery. I told you in the musical post about making muskets and paper hats, so all of that was in the mix too. Additional activities were taking all the kids and me for haircuts on Thursday. Tennis lessons for Sport and Curly on Tuesday/Thursday, and Dance Exams for Princess, Crafty, Prima Donna, and Scout. They were spread out and we literally had someone at the studio Monday through Thursday. Princess and Prima Donna were also volunteering 3 hours every day (Monday through Thursday) at the YMCA last week. And don't forget I'm supporting 3 college students right now! And we had a friend party for Kacy on Friday morning. Yeah. It was ridiculous.

Then of course our wonderful busy Saturday culminating in the an amazing show! Just when I was thinking I could actually sleep in on Sunday morning because choir is over for the summer, a member of the Primary Presidency called me and asked if Scout and Curly could do talks.

No rest for the weary.

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LeAnn said...

I see that you don't know how to say no. I am totally exhausted from reading all of the things you have done. You do need a day of rest; like real rest. How about an overnight moment just for you.
I truly love reading about your life and I am so happy I am through with some of the busy years of raising children. You are amazing.
Blessings and rest for you!


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