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Jul 13, 2014


We got up late this morning, but we weren't in any big hurry. Most of the excitement of our trip was over and it was just a matter of figuring out what we wanted to do on the way home. My sweetie took the kids to the pool while I stayed in bed a little longer and then finally got up and started packing up the room.
When they returned we had cheese sandwiches, finishing up the rest of our bread. Just before we left, the kids wanted to go out on the balcony so we finally agreed. Remember we were on the 6th floor? I was a little nervous, but they were careful. We snapped a few pics with the beautiful Idaho Falls temple in the background, then we checked out of the hotel and got on the road.

Logan seemed like a fun middle of the day stop and when we consulted the map, it would only take us about 20 extra miles. My sweetie and I lived in Logan for two years back in the 80s when we were going to school. I guess sometime I should tell you a little about that. Bossy was 2 when we moved there and the Gym Rat was born shortly after.

But I digress...

We rolled into town and were a little shocked at how much things have changed in the last 25-ish years. The whole north end of town was totally different! My sweetie wanted to eat at the A&W. He was just sure that Sport would not be able to eat an entire Big Blue in one sitting... he was wrong!

After we ate we drove around our old apartment. It looks pretty much the same and then we took the scenic route to one of our favorite places, Willow Park. The kids played on the playground for a bit and then we entered the zoo. I was surprised to see that now we had to pay for it when it had always been free before. Not that it was expensive, just different.

We took some pics of birds for Sport's Bird Study merit badge (I know, isn't that crazy? We can work on merit badges again...) The kids had a great time feeding the ducks. When we ran out of coins for the machine, they contented themselves with gathering the pieces that other patrons had dropped. The ducks didn't care if they picked them up from the ground.

When we finally finished at the park, we drove around the temple and up to the university. It had also changed, but one thing was still the same, Aggie Ice Cream! We got a cone and because it was so hot, we climbed back into our air-conditioned van and got back on the road.

One potty stop later and we were finally pulling onto our street. It was so nice to be home! Drama Queen had dinner on the table for us and we quickly unloaded the van. It didn't take the kids long to make a mess of her clean house.

Now if I can just get my mind around getting back to my real life...

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LeAnn said...

I loved reading about your trip. We go to Idaho Falls often because we have a son who lives there. I love it. I especially love the temple grounds and river.
We lived in Richmond, Utah about 30 years ago and we loved going into Logan. We really loved Richmond and would have loved to have stayed there. I loved the small town environment. I work as a nurse in the ICU at Logan Regional Hospital.
Glad you are home safe and sound. I think it is awesome that you walked into your home and dinner was ready. Hugs for that girl and blessings for all!


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