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Jul 17, 2014

Blast from the Past - Drama Queen's Gold

The girl in blue on the right? Prima Donna!
I was looking through the old pics and thought it would be fun to go back to the oldest digital pics I have from this particular date. That happened to be from 2006 and you know what? They are from the Drama Queen's Gold Award project for scouts which is ironic because we just finished Prima Donna's project and it was very similar.

Drama Queen in the brown shirt running the show.
Both girls decided to help the community by getting kids excited about theater and performing. The Drama Queen wrote her own play and then had classes at the library for two weeks before she held a performance at the community center. These pics are all from her classes at the library.

Crazy how similar they are to the ones we took a couple of weeks ago for Prima Donna's classes! Drama Queen's play was not a musical and it was set in modern times so that made costuming pretty easy. We had a good turnout for her and most of the girls from the troop participated.

We didn't think to ask if we could use our church as the stage, so we paid money to rent the stage at the community center. It was much smaller than the one from the church, so her staging was completely different too. But it was so fun!

One thing about these huge scout projects that I like is watching how much the kids grow and learn about leadership and organization. This was really the first play that the Drama Queen wrote and directed, and now she does it for a living.

I love that about the scouting program.

Maybe next week I can show you the pics from her actual show.

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