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Jul 3, 2014

Blast from the Past - 4th of July, 2006

One of our favorite activities for the 4th of July is to travel to my sweetie's hometown and participate in the Children's Parade. The Dog Walker in particular just loves throwing candy and having everyone so excited to see him. And this parade is huge for a small town.

Dog Walker
The Children's Parade starts about half an hour before the real parade and it is made up of kids in town who decorate bikes, strollers, scooters, and even 4-wheelers and ride them in the parade. For a couple of years, Sport drove his little Lightning McQueen Powerwheels and got all kinds of attention.

Then last year Grandma was out of town, so we went on vacation. Remember we were in Albuquerque on the 4th?

This year the girls are marching with the Bruin Marching Band so they have 3 parades here on the Wasatch Front on the 4th so we won't be going down either. That is actually an amazing deal for them. Princess and Prima Donna are marching in about a dozen parades with a few rehearsals and they will each get $250 for the summer season. Not bad for a summer job! Princess is marching with her clarinet and Prima Donna is marching with the bass clarinet.

But I digress...

So in 2006, we had just buried my mom the previous week. It was a difficult time. We almost didn't go to the parades. Prima Donna was baptized on July 2, so we were recovering from a big family party as well. 

But the Dog Walker was just so excited and all the rest of the extended family was going, so how could we say "no"?

It turned out to be a fun and memorable trip.
Scout is the cute little red-headed baby and just look at how blond Sport is! I love the pic of Crafty showing me her owie...That was taken on Grandma's driveway where we were putting together our "floats."

 Grandma bought all these cute 4th of July hats and purses and necklaces for the kids to wear. Just as a side note, do you realize that Teach will be home in 7 short weeks?!

 Hope you have an amazing 4th!

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Anonymous said...

Teach to be home in 7 weeks, wow whee her mission went fast. She is a changed young lady, the Lord will bless her continually and your family for her serving a Mission..I pray that she is happy, healthy and still on fire for the Lord, now the Lord will send her a nice fellow who completed his Mission tooo, her graduate studies will go fast and she will be married and settled down. What an amazing daughter, amazing Mother and amazing Father too and a shining example of God's love and devotion to her siblings, who knows many will follow in her footsteps & your son the Dog Walker will soon complete his Mission and be doubly blessed!!!!!!!! IF only others could read your column and take from it an example of how to live a devoted LDS families life? I pray for this, many juvenile justice centers would be empty and many happy young people in our USA, God Bless your children Teach and Dog Walker and your other children too and of course you Sandy and your Husband for your sacriices and love of God and a truly wonderful family!happy 4th keep safe.!


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