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Jul 16, 2014

Letters from Teach in Texas

Only 5 weeks left! I will miss the opportunity to share her thoughts with you. She has been such a good missionary and I know she loves her mission!

I like my new area. It is interesting how natural being a missionary comes after a while. It's convenient because it doesn't matter where I serve or who I am with the principles of missionary work are the same. I was sitting in gospel principles class yesterday and I was commenting and stuff and I realized how wonderful it is that because the church is the same it didn't matter that it was my first day in class... I'm not new to this. It's just refreshing. (:

She is in a new area and she has a new companion. My sweetie thinks she was transferred away from the people she loved in Ft. Worth so it would be easier for her to come home next month. 
My companion is great. It is really kinda a tricky thing though because she has learning disabilities and acts childish in many ways, but she has a golden testimony. It can be hard because I have to be the leader in EVERYTHING. if I don't talk to the person I know for 100% that she isn't going to. If she is afraid... she just doesn't do it. Which is fine. I understand. she really is wonderful. I'm just trying to learn a good sense of balance.

Remember they were doing a float for the parade on July 4th? Looks like it turned out really cute! Teach is the frame in the sunglasses. She has to pretty much wear them all the time now. She had developed a black spot in her eye and we were very worried that it might be a detached retina, but it turns out her eyes are just very sensitive and they were actually congealing in the hot Texas sun!

It's much cooler in Utah, Teach! See you soon,


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LeAnn said...

I can hardly believe she only had 5 weeks left. I know that she will love the last 5 weeks. However, I can say that when I was waiting for my daughter to come back home the last few weeks seemed to drag by. Hopefully, it won't be the same for you.
Blessings and hugs for her and all~


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