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May 10, 2013

The Bees Game

With the fancy hat...
Remember way back in December when we spent the evening at the Sing-Along? As we entered the EnergySolutions Arena, each of us were handed an envelope with free tickets in it. One of those free tickets in each envelope got us into a Bees game.

So a couple of weeks ago, Bossy mentioned she was going downtown and she would trade the vouchers in for actual tickets if we could find a night that would work for all of us. I know, a challenge like that is pretty impossible and to make matters worse, the tickets had to be used in April or May. After haggling back and forth for a while, we finally settled on two dates, May 3 and May 18.

Without it...the girls said he didn't even notice!
Unfortunately, when Bossy got to the ticket office, we were denied seats at the May 18 game because it is a fireworks game, but they were very happy to hand over the free tickets for the May 3 game against Tuscan. Bossy got tickets for everyone except the Gym Rat since he had to work (see, I told you it's impossible to coordinate all schedules...)

My sweetie and I piled the kids into the big van and Bossy loaded her van and we headed downtown. Other than the Gym Rat, we were only missing Gamer and Princess. Gamer was still at work and Princess was at a dance audition. We managed to get a seat for Grandpa too.

As we made our way into the stadium, Bossy led us toward the third base dugout right behind the opposing team. We were on the second row, so we could hear them talking and they could definitely hear us. I warned the kids not to say anything mean.

About the third inning, Princess and Gamer joined us. 

We settled in to watch the game. Our seats were scattered over a couple of rows. Sport was on the front row because he had a mitt and believe me, I was worried about foul balls! It wasn't long before somebody hit a hard line drive directly into the wall right in front of us. If it had risen six more inches, it would have taken Grandpa's head off!

(OK, Miss Dramatic, but it would have given him a nice shiner anyway.)

I was starting to wish I had thought to bring my glove as well. It's a terrible feeling when you know you can't really protect your loved ones. But I didn't have to worry. That was the only ball that got very close to us.

Baby Doll is terrified of the Chick Fil A cow, but she loves the Bee! She kept spotting him in various places in the stadium and pointing him out. He finally got within a dozen seats of our section and Gamer scooped her up and took her over to get a picture.

It was a fun game with the Bees in control the entire time. Sadly, the Dog Walker had to work at 10:00, so about 9:00 I gathered up all the  stragglers who wanted to go home and we headed for the van. Only my sweetie, Grandpa, and Sport would finish out the game.

I guess they wanted to make sure they got their money's worth.

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