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May 18, 2013

Girl Scout Sleepover

This seems like so long ago, but I didn't want to miss telling you about our Girl Scout sleepover. I had planned to write about it last Saturday night, but if you remember I ended up in the Emergency Room until 3:00 AM and I never got around to posting about it.

I've probably told you about our sleepover before. It's an annual tradition for us and we always have it in May. I used to plan it over the Memorial Day weekend, but that conflicted with my MIL's plans for the family so I moved it earlier in the month. We like to have the girls over the same weekend as our guys are gone for the Fathers and Sons camp out. Then we get to have the house all to ourselves to do girlie stuff.

So the girls arrived around 6:30 and we had pizza from Dominoes for dinner. Shortly after they finished eating, we moved the party to the backyard so we could tie-dye t-shirts. I had already arranged with a friend to have our troop number put on them after they were finished, so they will become our official shirts. Drama Queen came home for the weekend to help and she suggested that we didn't want to use the dye on the table since it might stain. What do I know? So I agreed.

Her thought was to put the shirts on the grass after the girls rolled them and put bands on them and then just spray them there. That worked pretty well until we had all 15 done and then the girls started walking through the grass in their bare feet! Suddenly they were covered with dye up to their ankles! I think their feet were dyed better than the shirts!

They played in the backyard until it was almost dark and then they helped us tie a quilt for charity. Princess had some fun games for them to play and the Dog Walker set up his Karaoke machine before he left. One of the girls brought ice cream for a treat and we also had cookies and other junk food to keep their tummies full.

They watched a couple of movies and didn't sleep at all. I finally got to sleep about 3:00 AM.

The Drama Queen and I got up about 8:30 to make our traditional strawberry crepes. The girls loved them (as usual). We had an awesome time!

But you should have seen me at the hospital on Saturday night trying to explain to every doctor and nurse who worked on my just why my hands were such a pretty shade of blue! 

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

All I can say on this one is that you are amazing. Loved the activity and the pictures.
Hugs for this one!


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