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May 3, 2013

Dog Walker's Headed Only One Direction

You all know the Dog Walker recently got his first job...and his first paycheck. Those hundreds of dollars made him feel like Rockefeller so early one morning last week after he got off work he climbed in his car and instead of driving home, he drove to the new Walmart down the street.

He had a huge plan in mind. Sister Day!
And he could only think of one thing his sisters would love to have more than anything else...a complete collection of the One Direction dolls!

So he gathered all five dolls into his shopping cart and headed to the checkout. He didn't bat an eye when the total reached $160. After all, these dolls were for his sisters, not him. He was convinced they would love them as he made his way home in the pre-dawn light.

He gently placed them into his specially-made gift boxes and tucked a little tissue paper around each one, then he placed them on the pew and headed off to bed.

But he didn't anticipate the problem.

Mom found them first and she was NOT happy with the amount of money he spent on his sisters. Nor was she to be convinced that the girls would appreciate such expensive gifts. There was an exchange of angry words. "I know I told you that you could buy whatever you wanted with your paycheck that was reasonable...this is not reasonable!"

"It's not for me. I'm not being selfish. I want to make the sisters happy."

Mom forced the Dog Walker to move the dolls to the trunk of his car until a decision was made.

The Dog Walker pouted. Mom was being unfair.

Mom pouted. Why hadn't her autistic son learned how to be careful with his money?

Two days later the Dog Walker figured out how he could win. While Mom was gone, he placed each doll in a different sister's bedroom. Surely if the girls found them before she returned and proved that they wanted them and were excited about them Mom would give in!

A short time later Mom arrived home. She was stunned to see that Baby Doll and Scout were carrying around brand new One Direction dolls still in their original boxes. She gathered them up and approached Dog Walker.

She was not happy. She had been tricked.

He was not happy. She was right.

He stomped around, gathering the the remaining dolls, grabbed his keys and headed out the door.

He was only going one direction...

...back to Walmart.


Sara Hammond said...

Money sure makes for tough lessons! I remember a TV show where the dad was so excited about the first paycheck his teen son brought home, he mounted it for display. It was a little hard to cash after that! Maybe you just needed to frame the check? Haha!

Dog-Walker said...

I would have to confess that I do have a celebrity obsession, especially when I was obsessed with Justin Bieber two years ago and now I have an obsession with One Direction. Whenever I tell either my parents or my siblings how exciting celebrities are, they always say they don't care. :( Oh well.

Shell said...

Aw, but it was such a sweet thought!


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