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May 3, 2013

Name Change

I might just have to change a blog name...

Since the elementary kids were all still off track, I decided I'd better get their hair cut. Some of them were getting pretty shaggy. My favorite place to go is Supercuts training studio because I can get a professional cut there for free. We have been doing that for at least a dozen years now. Supercuts retrains everyone who works there no matter how long they have been cutting hair. But that means they need models and lots of them.

Crafty and Scout
So I took 7 kids under the age of 12 and me to get our hair cut. I admit it was a little crazy. Even worse than taking them all to the dentist since I wanted to get my hair cut too. I went first so Kay could watch the kids before they got really naughty. We brought cars and toys to keep them occupied, but I still had have someone settle them down more than once.

Burrito and Curly were the first kids to be cut. I wasn't paying much attention to Curly and when the stylist asked me I just told her to give him a cute boy haircut. When she was finished I barely recognized him! When I teased him a little about that he said, "Mom. But you still recognize my face!" And he was right. I still knew his sweet little face. It was his hair I didn't recognize...the curls were totally gone!

Crafty couldn't make a decision on hers so I told her to just have it cut like mine. And Scout was so certain about her cut that she chose it out of a book and took it back to show the stylist before they began. Baby Doll didn't get her hair cut. Hers just grows so slowly that I didn't want to take the chance...

All in all we came out pretty good, I think.

Except Curly might just have to change his name to Fuzzy.
Who is that kid?



Anonymous said...

I hope you tipped the people who cut all your hair????!!!!! Up the street is a place just for kids they figure in the tip for the cost of the haircut, my neighbor owns it and her daughters, they figure people are trying to get services for nearly free her rates are low so she just puts a tip in the remainder column on the cost no one doesn't pay..She does such neat jobs on the kids and it is only kids mind you..please be generous with the people who do your kids and your haircut, 12 years of free cuts, Utah must have low costs of living, but I read lots of stress living there in the top 3 hmmmm...!????

Natalie Ockey said...

I barely recognized Curly--he looks so different! But his face is still the same. :)

Natalie Ockey said...

Wow! For a minute there I thought you were making an announcement! I was expecting the name change to be "13 makes a baker's dozen.com"

You scared me for a minute!


Bethany said...

He looks SOO much like his oldest brother with his hair short!

Marci said...

Holy cow! I would not have known that that was Curly! His gorgeous curls are gone!! I hope they grow back :)

Also, I'm impressed that you took that many kids at once for haircuts! That is quite the task! Way to go!!

LeAnn said...

What a very brave and fun adventure. I love the cuts; the pictures are so cute.
I am smiling on this one.


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