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Nov 12, 2011

Fall Leaves Fall

You all know I have pretty much the cutest little curly-headed three-year-old in the whole world…and he loves to sing silly songs. Once, way back when I started this blog, I told you about him singing “I got the whole bed to myself…” after he convinced me and my sweetie to get out. Well, this morning Curly and I were sitting together on the bench eating our cereal and he looked up at me with those big blue eyes, then snuggled up to me and started singing “I got the whole mommy to myself…”

Have you all noticed that fall is in the air? Yeah, in Utah it took a while! We had Halloween with mostly green leaves still on the trees. Just this week they started to turn colors and drop.

When I was a little girl, we had an elderly couple who lived around the corner from us. They had three beautiful maple trees on their park strip. We loved walking under those massive trees and pulling down just one awesome leaf each. Those leaves were bigger than my whole face! I loved the feel of them, the smell of them. Even though it was much further to go home from school that way, we would take the time because this time of year we could crunch crunch crunch through those leaves and take the biggest ones home as souvenirs.

So after my sweetie and I built our house, we were trying to decide on trees and landscaping. Of course I wanted to put in maples on the park strip. We looked for the variety that had the prettiest fall leaves and that’s what we chose.

I’m sure the neighbors all hate us for that choice because they blow all over. We rake them up and then they blow all over again. We don't want to bag them up right away because the kids love to jump in them and bury each other.

The Dog Walker is the worst! He can’t wait to make a huge pile of leaves every year. As soon as there is a hint of orange in the leaves, he is out there with the rake…pulling the leaves down from the branches. A couple of years ago he got the brilliant beyond brilliant idea that he could use the leaf blower to blow the leaves DOWN from the tree. He was a little disappointed when it didn’t work as well as he thought it would.

I just tell him that’s why they call it FALL. Because the leaves have to FALL.

But that doesn't stop him. He still goes outside, glares up at the leaves with a threatening look and I can just see his mind working..."Fall, Leaves, Fall…or I’m getting out the leaf blower."


Jennifer said...

I wish we had a tree like that! We had this tree that had some kinda of red plum or something but the fruit and leaves would fall and stain EVERYTHING and was so hard to get off our cars so my husband chopped it down a few months ago..

Rhonda said...

I wish we had that but we do go down to the walking trail nearby and run through leaves. Roll in them and everything. People look at us like we are crazy! It is such fun.

Saimi said...

So. Much. FUN!!

Arkansas Patti said...

What I wouldn't give for a head of curles like his. Sigh.
Don't worry, I'm sure your neighbors are enjoying the show the kids are putting on. Such fun.

LeAnn said...

A fun post as usual and the pictures were awesome. I love the fall leaves and colors. I remember lots of fun times jumping in the leaves. Blessings to you for a few memories today.

Mark and Amy said...

Mark is a big kid too..and loves to jump in the leaves!

Emma Frances said...

I love fall and I love these pictures! :] And that story of Curly is just about the cutest thing ever!

Ruth said...

Good choice! =) I grew up in New England, and have fond memories of maple trees, maple syrup making, and raking leaves with my dad.

SO, when we were landscaping our brand new home here in PA, I planted sugar maples like CRAZY! (Like, 15 trees I think?) I'll be old before the trees are the 100 ft beauties I remember... but they're already beautiful every fall, and produce enough leaves for me and my kids to rake up and jump into!


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