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Nov 27, 2011

Not Again!

Who knew she would be so destructive when she grew up!
Remember last week how excited I was about my new countertops? I’m still excited about my countertops, but I’ve got another story to tell you about Princess.

Last night I was shuffling paperwork and I didn’t want to leave it in the middle so I asked Princess to figure out something for dinner. My sweetie was working late, so that made it much easier. She decided that Ramen soup and cheese sandwiches would be yummy and she got right to work on it. I stayed in the office, tallying up the Tupperware fundraiser we just completed at the dance studio.(Hey, check out my new website! The Drama Queen just got it all set up for me...pretty cool, huh?!)

When food was on the table, we all gathered round so we could eat. Ramen isn’t my favorite, so I headed for the pan of rolls that were left from Thanksgiving dinner. When I passed the new cooktop, I glanced down and noticed this.

Apparently after stirring the soup, Princess had set the plastic spoon right in the center of the hot ceramic unit. When I picked it up, part of the spoon stuck to my new cooktop and the other sort of melted with long strings of white plastic as I held it up for all to see. I tossed the spoon in the trash and headed for the rolls, telling myself it was too hot to deal with and I would take care of it later.  Then I forgot about it.

When my sweetie got home several hours later, the plastic had hardened on the cooktop and was nearly impossible to get off. After about half an hour of scrubbing, it looks mostly better. I’m going to have to have a chat with Princess…she needs to ruin something different next time if we have any hope of remodeling. Hmmm…my bathrooms need painting…


Camille said...

haha...oh dear. i do stuff like that all of the time and i am 25!

don't miss my giveaway...custom u/s painting of one of your 12?!


Anonymous said...

She doesn't rememmber a lot, she needs a job like your hubby said..She must watch what she is doing..my range is old I had to put post it notes in red on the dials to remember to turn them off the lights went out a long time ago to remind me of that..I don't think we will get the oven like you got, too much could go wrong and I don't want to fry my hands and arms on it..just saying!!!!!!!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Oh no! Glad you got it off =)

Marci said...

Oh no! That is horrible! You definitely don't want to be remodeling the kitchen more! I know I would love her to come do some damage to both of the bathrooms at our home, I would love to remodel them. Such is the life of renting though... I can't even touch up the crappy paint job that was done a year ago.

I absolutely LOVE reading your blog! I don't even remember how I found it, but I'm glad that I recognized that it was an awesome find and started following it then!


Sara Bell said...

Oh no! I melted a little yellow plastic bowl in a microwave once. It even said microwave-safe on the bottom, but yellow plastic goop dripped out of the microwave and all over the counter when I opened it up.
My parents got new counters a few months after that so...

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Haha! Yes, I like your idea of using her for good purposes.

Melting a spoon on a stove top is something I would do!

I'm glad it mostly came off. :)


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