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Nov 5, 2011

Double Discount Days

When Teach was just past 16 years old, she began working at a local grocery store. My sweetie says I can’t tell you the name of the store mostly because Teach and the Drama Queen both still work there. I’m a little sad about that because we are definitely fans of this institution! They treat their workers so well!

When Teach broke her foot playing basketball with me (I should get her to write that story for you), they gave her a couple of months off even though she was part time, and she was even paid for some of it. The girls receive coupons in the mail all the time asking them to try various products or become more familiar with store-brand stuff. They have team meetings where they are often given gift cards or other incentives. They gave out bonuses one year near Christmas time and the Drama Queen got about $300.00!

There are so good to work with schedules and school and even dates. But my favorite part about this store is the extra percentages off food and gas. Employees get an extra 5 cents off gas and they get 10 % off store brands. You know I go through tons of milk! That’s at least 25 cents less per gallon times 12 gallons a week…it adds up!
But my favorite discounts only come a few times each year. Usually right before holidays, their sister store offers what they call Double Discount Days. So instead of getting 10% off everything in the store (except food) we get 20% off. Yesterday was one of those days.

We like to do our Christmas shopping there and I got a huge chunk of it done yesterday. (Can’t tell you any secrets cause my kids read the blog…). We plan other purchases on DDD too. Like my sweetie needed some sandpaper so that he could sand the crack out of our ceramic cooktop. For some crazy reason, Princess thought she would give us all a shock by smacking it with the yardstick like her teachers do in school. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that "ceramic" meant breakable, and when she was finished, I think she was more shocked than we were. The crack is about 4 inches long…

We also bought a new space heater that looks like a fireplace to go in our downstairs family room. Instead of paying the regular price of $200, we got it for about $100. I’m excited about that because I always freeze when we watch a movie together even when I’m snuggling with my sweetie. I’ll let you know how it works out, since we have a movie party planned for tomorrow night.

But the best thing I bought today was for Baby Doll. Look at these cute little boots! We have had zero success keeping shoes on that girl. I’m hoping she can’t get these off.


Jennifer said...

I love movie parties!! I think I need to have one tonight!

GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

What time is the movie party?? Oh wait I'm not invited?? Sad :( JK Those boots are soooo cute!!

LeAnn said...

We are thinking about getting one of those heaters for our basement too. I have been saving a lot on our heating bill by just heating the rooms we are in. I love movie parties too. I loved the family story and the pictures.
Blessings to you and enjoy the movies.

mommyx12 said...

I totally know what you mean about having the 'extra' mommies around the house. Four of my 5 oldest kids are girls and over the years I have reaped many blessings having them around. I still am blessed to have those blessings of help that they offer. My boys are awesome too, but they are not so much into nurturing!!! As my blog post suggested but they do keep them safe and sound in their care.

So awesome that you were able to accomplish much of your Christmas shopping. I too was shopping yesterday but got very discouraged at the high prices and low quality of items that I ended up getting nothing. Husband and I are in the mode of rethinking Christmas and seeing how we can pull it off differently from how we've done it in the past. I would love any suggestions you may have!

Emma Frances said...

If I ever live near you guys I wanna work there! Haha. Sounds awesome! And you got some amazing deals! I love the boots for Baby Doll! Adorable!


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