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May 17, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby Ohhhh....No

Every Monday night we gather our kids together for a religious ritual called Family Home Evening. It’s a good time for us to teach our kids all the things they need to know about our church, as well as a time for us to teach them skills that will help them be happy, productive adults. It’s also a good excuse to consume copious amounts of sugary goodies. Sometimes we just do something fun like play games or go out for pizza. My sweetie’s favorite activity is to put on a movie in his beloved projector room and enjoy each other’s company while we sit with our eyes glued to the screen. I’m sure we are teaching them something…I’m just not sure what.

These charts new come with enough name spots. Good thing Bossy can photoshop.
Today I took Teach with me to the grocery store. As soon as we got in the store she headed right over to the Redbox to look for a movie. Two minutes later she was back and she was snickering. "I’ve got a movie for FHE," she said. She slipped the Justin Bieber Movie into my purse. I rolled my eyes. "The girls will be so excited…your dad…not so much." We finished our shopping and headed home. I broke the news to my sweetie…gently. **Editor's Note: For previous Justin Bieber antics see here and here.**

"We got a blue-ray!" I said with maybe a little too much enthusiasm. It wasn’t often I suggested a movie for FHE.
"Yeah?" he asked cautiously. "What is it?"
I smiled, "The Justin Bieber Movie."
Now it was his turn to roll his eyes.
"Oh come on," I prompted, "the girls are so excited to see it…"
He shrugged, defeated, "OK."

I sent them all downstairs while I prepared strawberry shortcake for our treat. It was the least I could do. I heard the girls screaming right along with the ones on the movie. I could just imagine how my sweetie was faring without me. I cut strawberries a little faster. When I got down there, the sub was pounding and the kids were all singing along. My sweetie looked miserable, but he didn’t say anything. I handed out the strawberry shortcake and settled in to watch the rest of the movie.

Curly’s got the JB moves down. He was running all over, jumping off the couch and singing at the top of his lungs. The trouble is that he has asthma, so any time he gets that excited, he vomits. I should have gotten a clue when he stopped running and stood next to me with his hands over his mouth. I realized it about the same time my sweetie hollered over the music, "He’s gonna puke!" Wisely, I pushed him toward his dad (since I was holding the baby) and told Scout to run for a towel. Too late! He was heaving all over his dad. My sweetie is experienced in this sort of detail and he immediately pulled his shirt into a bowl to catch the mess.

Scout was taking forever, so I sent the Dog Walker after another towel. The way it was looking we could use both of them anyway. She finally returned with a little dishrag, but the Dog Walker was right behind her with an oversized bath towel. Together we stripped Curly down and cleaned him up. "See!" my sweetie hissed at one point. "JB made him throw up!" I scowled at him and then pulled out some baby wipes to scrub Curly’s pale little face. The music already had him pulling away to rejoin the fray.

Two minutes later he was dancing again (in his underwear this time). I couldn’t help but smile, he was so cute! Unprompted, he ran back to me and threw his arms around my neck. "Thanks for being a good cleaner-upper of my throw-up!" he said. I hugged him back, "You’re welcome!" I said. "Go tell Dad." He ran to my sweetie and repeated his gratitude. My sweetie glanced at me over the top of those blonde curls and smiled, "Where did he come from?" Yeah…he’s even cooler than JB.


Annette said...

"See? JB made him throw up!"

Oh my, that just made me roll and roll! I'll have to tell hubby that; he dislikes JB, too!

Thanks for the smile so early in the morning! ^_^

Pearl said...

Sounds like a very sweet home life!


Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

I love how you said you started cutting the strawberries a little faster.... ha ha ha
and the puking pumpkin is the best! My girls haven't found out about Justin Beiber yet and I am GRATEFUL. :)

Hi I'm Rhonda. said...

FHE sounds like fun! My mom actually called me the other day to confess that she sorta likes some of JB's songs. I thought it was funny the way she called it confessing!

Also I can't find the post about rain in the house!

Katie said...

Haha thats a cute story! I love how grateful kids are, and how willing they are to tell you. My oldest was a puker when he was little, but there was nothing that brought it on. You had about 3 seconds to realize it was about to come and then it was projectile every where. Its amazing how quickly parents can learn to recognize and react to things!

Also, I don't blame you for not wanting to back up in the van! I hate doing it in small vehicles, I am pretty sure I would flat out refuse in a big van! :)

Emmy said...

Lol! Your FHE's sound much mre entertaining than ours. And yeah JB might just make me throw up a bit too- not in the good way :p

M-Cat said...

Sounds like your sweetie deserves a prize of some sort for not only enduring JB but catching the puke. Not even *I* would do either one of those.

One time when the boys were little, they were so naughty during one of our FHR attempts that I decided that we needed to practice how to behave for FHE. We had it every night until the boys could behave. I think we went two weeks straight with FHE every.single.night.

They still laugh about it.

Silver Strands said...

I just found you through Cheeseboy and will love reading all about your *fun* life!

Sara Hammond said...

@M-Cat - I love that idea of having FHE every night. I will have to remember that one. I am sure it will come in handy!

Sara Bell said...

Ha ha, oh Justin Bieber...
and yum, strawberry short cake!
Mother of the year! =]


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