Jul 19, 2018


We had so much fun today!

Baby Doll grinds corn at the Fremont Indian State Park

After separating from the rest of our girl scouts and kids, we took off in the big van with our 5 youngest to enjoy a few more days of our vacation. Our first stop with the Fremont Indian State Park. We had been there before, but not for many years and most of the kids couldn't remember it.

After the museum, they convinced us to go on a rather terrifying little hike over some huge rocks, but it was fun to get to the top of the world and see all the sights. After we made our way down from the mountain, the kids all went down into the pithouse before we climbed back in the van and got on the road.

As we made our way toward Moab, we decided since we had a 4th grader and could get in free, we would drive through Arches National Park. This prompted a quick hike up to see the Delicate Arch from the viewpoint although that was not the stop I was hoping for.

It was nearly 8:00 when we finally got to the Sand Dune Arch which has been my favorite since I was little. The kids had never been there before that they could remember and it was so fun to play in the sand for half an hour before the setting sun forced us to climb back in the van and finally make our way to Moab.

The kids jumped in the pool for a quick swim while I ran to Wendy's for supper. We have an early start tomorrow, so we are trying to get them all in bed although that is always a trick in a nice hotel room with all-night cable.

More tomorrow...

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LeAnn said...

Oh, this does look like a fun vacation. I loved all the photos and thoughts. I am so happy you have this adventure. Blessings and hugs!