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Jun 13, 2018

Cave Tools Has the Best Father's Day Gifts!

My sweetie is a barbecue genius (and a genius at lots of other things too!), and he has worked with many different tools and marinades, but he had never used a smoker box to make more flavorful meat until our friends at Cave Tools offered to send us one so we could try it out.

We were given the Smoker Box (wide) and it's a good thing my sweetie is in charge because I had no idea what to do with it! He dropped by the IFA and picked up some wood chips for a good price while I bought some chicken breasts.

He covered them with a dry rub and let them sit while he got the wood chips smoking. The box fit right down in the grill next to where he would be cooking the chicken. Rather than spending hours marinating for flavor, the wood chips could do it without increasing the cooking time (as long as we could keep the kids from trying to open the lid from the grill).

The chicken was delicious and definitely worthy of our Sunday dinner table. The part I liked best was that it was so quick and easy. I even threw the box in the dishwasher for cleaning afterward. It did require a little extra scrubbing to get back to the shiny silver, but it wasn't too bad.

It you would like to try out one of these awesome Smoker Boxes for your grill, you know I can hook you up with a good deal. Just enter the SMOKERBOX15 code on the Cave Tools website and it will save you 15%. Or if you prefer Amazon, you can buy any Cave Tools product from there as well, but the coupon codes don't work. The good thing is that if you order it with Prime, it only takes two days and that is still way before Father's Day!

**We received a smoker box (wide) for our open and honest review.**

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

I did love your review on the Cave Man Tool on this one. It looks like a great idea.
I will look into it for sure. The chicken looked yummy!
Loving thoughts and hugs for this one!


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