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Jun 21, 2018

A Break For Baby Doll

Today was the team party for Baby Doll's softball team. We had pizza and breadsticks at the pavilion, and then the coach handed out trophies and team pictures. The girls were so cute and they had so much fun together.

We had about half an hour for them to play until it was time to leave so we could get the other kids delivered to their various destinations. That was all it took for Baby Doll to jump off a swing, lose her footing and crash to the ground on her elbow.

I took her to the Urgent Care and they took x-rays and confirmed the break. They also told us her fingers were numb and we had a 75% chance of needing surgery. We climbed back in the car and drove home to change her clothes and pick up my sweetie on our way to Primary Children's Medical Center.

Fortunately, we had been given copies of our x-rays so we didn't have to retake more. The specialist gave us the best possible news! She very narrowly avoided surgery (at least for now) and can get her hard cast the middle of next week.

We are home now and she is uncomfortable and in pain. Please pray for her.

Summer just got much more interesting.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

I feel so sad reading this one. I am so sorry she broke her elbow but happy she doesn’t have to have surgery. I hope that the cast will lesson the pain. I hate when children are hurt. Blessings , prayers and hugs for her!


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